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2021-08-21 5:30 AM


Subject: Hello
Morning all.

Just wanted to say hi. Total beginner with an Ironman friend who is very slowly twisting my arm!!

Mock sprint triathlon planned for the weekend to dip a toe in the water so to speak.

Let's see how it goes!

2021-08-21 8:47 AM
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Subject: RE: Hello

Let us know how it went

2021-08-22 7:47 AM
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Subject: RE: Hello
Mock triathlon over. We did a slightly longer swim 1300m lake swim, 17km bike and then 5km run.
Total time of 1:51 which is not too bad for a first timer who hasn't been on a road bike for around 10 years haha. Furthest swim I've done too.
Swim = 34m1s
Bike = 39m39s
Run = 23m33s

Obviously some very slow transitions getting bikes in and out of van etc but no biggy.

Bike by far the worst but I'm hoping with practice and a little more confidence (busy road today) I will improve.

The main thing is, it was great fun and what a way to start the day

2021-08-29 8:17 PM
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Wilmington, NC
Subject: RE: Hello
Welcome back to the tri world! I think 2022 will be my year to bring back triathlons to my life as well! Always such a great group of people involved in the sport!

Looks like your mock tri went well!

2021-11-23 8:15 AM
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Subject: RE: Hello
So how did it go?
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