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2007-05-08 9:19 PM

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Subject: Intensity Training - Getting to the next level
Would like opinions on how folks have improved via training to get to "the next level" - what ever that means to you as an individual. For a while I was stuck in my running pace until I literally went to the treadmill, increased the speed past my comfort zone and then did all I could to endure the extra pain for... 4 miles, then after a few weeks 5, then finally 6 miles. Now I have a new faster running pace that I can sustain - at least it worked for me this time.

I don't really understand training or intensity training, but I gather this is the basic idea?

Would like to hear others share their stories - plans that worked and maybe some that did not.

Many Thanks!

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2007-05-08 10:19 PM
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Subject: RE: Intensity Training - Getting to the next level

For me following a well designed training plan is the key...I want long term growth and improvements. What I do depends on the time of the year. I think getting a coach was the biggest thing I did to help me improve and can be for anyone.

Normally I have 3 workouts each of s/b/r.

For runs normally one is long and slow; one is post ride and the pace will vary depending on time of year; and one is hard may be intervals maybe fast work but short.

Bike is similar one is long now with race season on the end of the long ride will be at race pace; one is intervals of some type these hurt; and one is usually easier and 60-90 minutes.

Swim is similar as ...some are longer intervals; some are shorter harder.

See the pattern developing..mixture of type of workouts. 

I think we all get better by building a base by doing long endurance workouts and gain speed by doing more intense workouts at higher HRs. You need to do different type of workouts not all of one type to get improve.

One huge thing is being consistent..don't miss them all year in the snow, rain, when it is 0 and when it is 99....being consistent is huge to improve.

Look at long term not necessarily this year...I have 5K goals for this year and for 2-3 years from by working smart, consistently training I will keep getting faster. I look back at my first tri in 2004 to my most recent ones..I've improved my bike pace over 7 mph, run dropped over 4m/m, and swim well it varies but can be 1/3less time per 100 than when I started...but I was really really slow when I started.

2007-05-08 10:58 PM
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Subject: RE: Intensity Training - Getting to the next level
You are obviously new here; no blogs. I highly recommend keeping track of your times and distances. Think of someone who is similar to you that is way better than you. Now look at the gap say in min/mile. If he/she is a 6.0 min miler and you are a 9.0 min miler then make yourself come to the realization that you surely can be an 8.0 min miler. And just do it. Just go and be it.For me I was running about a 8.0 min mile pace for 3-4 miles. I met a 2:35 marathoner which is about 6 min miles. I thought to myself that hey, this guy can do 26.2 miles at that pace, surely I can do 3 at 7.0. So I also figured rather than go 7:50, 7:40, ... on down, I would just do it all at once. So that day I decided I was a 7.0 min miler. I did get about 7:15 but you get the point.Keep pushing out your distance and once in a while have you pat run and do it flat out to keep at it. I know there are way more structured ways but I'm a bit on the emotional side.Lots more here but you asked on motivation, not plans.
2007-05-09 11:27 AM
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Subject: RE: Intensity Training - Getting to the next level
JohnP_NY - 2007-05-08 8:19 PM

I don't really understand training or intensity training, but I gather this is the basic idea?

Well the way you did it is one way to do it. But think of fitness as a building or pyramid. You had a certain foundation, then you decided to build more and got to X speed on the treadmill. Your building is likely kind of short with a small foundation, even though you got to a speed you wanted.

The danger with a buildingg like this is that to sustain it, you risk getting injured by goingg to fast/too far/too soon.

Building a bigger foundation, and thus the ability to builder a taller, stronger building is the most important aspect of endurance training. The "foundation" of endurance training involves maintaining a moderate intensity of training for several months, even 1-2 years if you are new, being consistent, gradually increasing the length and/or frequency of your training.

Increasnig the intensity by running/cycling faster all have a place in a training plan at the right time dependingg on what your goals are.

If you can tell us more about your background, your past traning, your goals, etc. And start keeping a training log here on BT, we can help you a lot more.

There is also the infamous "220-age" thread started by Mike Ricci, BT's official coach. Search for it in the forums.

You ask what plans have worked for other people...that's basically what the BT forums are about, people sharingg advice. It's hard to give advice for your general question without knowing more, but start searching old threads for words like "getting faster", "endurance", "intensity", etc and you'll find endless advice.

Get a copy of the Triathlete's training bible by Joe Friel in the library as well, that will answer a lot of your questions.

Sorry, this isn't a great answer, but it's clear you are here to learn so I hope others can chip in as well...
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