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Ragnar Relay del Sol - Run

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Wickenburg to Scottsdale, Arizona
United States
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Ragnar Relay del Sol
March 30-31, 2007
Wickenburg, Arizona to Scottsdale, AZ

Tucson Tri-Girls On the Run
2 vans
11 hot babes
lots o'runnin'
no sleep

Friday morning at 5:30 am on March 30, Van One team members met up
and headed out to the race. We were all on time, actually early. I
guess that proves how excited and enthusiastic everyone was to do
this. Holly had packed the van and had maps, snacks, tattoos and
hoodies for us all. We were looking good at the start line with our
purple TTG hoodies. We arrived at Wickenburg one hour before our
start time of 11:00. Lindsay, the first runner set the pace for us,
and she was the first one of all the runners to make it to the first
exchange point. Girl can run... Holly was next, she was running an
extra leg to make up for the vacant #2 spot. We stopped along the
way to cheer for her and use that cowbell. We could see her off in
the distance with those purple deely-bobs bouncing on her head.
Girl can run.... Polly was the #3 runner and she made it to exchange
3 in no time. More cowbell. Girl can run... Then it was my turn.
Polly handed off the wrist bracelet to me and I was off. It was
getting warm and there was lots of traffic on the highway. I felt
like I was crawling along, but just kept plodding along. I was
playing catch up and pass with the guy in front of me and at one
point I thought, "well, he's in front of me and I really don't want
to push it to pass him again, so I'll just draft off him." At least
I don't think it's illegal to draft in a relay race. Made it to the
next exchange point and handed off to Rhonda. Van 2 met us at this
exchange point so it was really great to have everyone on the team
there to cheer for me when I finished. Shari handed me an ice-cold
water bottle and they were off to the next exchange point. Holly
left us at this point and we picked up Alison M, who came up in Van
2. Now Van 1 was complete. Rhonda ran like the wind to the next
exchange point. Girl can run.... Alison M was the last runner in
our van and she had a long climb up to Lake Pleasant. It was getting
pretty hot out now. We stopped a few places to give her some water,
love and cowbell. She came in strong to the last exchange point and
handed off the wrist bracelet to Van 2. Girl can run..... Then we
headed off for some dinner and sleep??. Well, we got the dinner
part, but no sleep. Who can sleep when the sun is out anyway? We
discussed our strategy for the night runs and bike pacers then
unloaded the bike and got ready for our next round of runs. I can't
really remember the night runs, I think I was sleeping through it
all. I paced Elaine on the bike on her very hilly and curvy, but
beautiful course. We heard a coyote out there and saw lots of $$$
real estate. My night run was at midnight. It was all on a straight
divided road, I can't tell you which one, but if it wasn't for Alison
M pacing me on the bike I don't think I could have done it. She
talked to me through the entire run and I learned how contact lenses
are made and how some eyeglass lenses are not machine made but hand
made by some master craftsmen. Alison was an awesome pacer. She had
to hit me with the bike a couple of times to wake me up, but I
appreciated it. I don't remember much about the night runs, and we
tried to keep the cowbell quiet during the night. We made it to the
next major exchange point somewhere in Scottsdale at a school
somewhere and got about one hour of sleep in the van. The last leg
started at 6:00 am for Lindsay. She looked so strong and made some
good time. There was a glitch in the course and some runners missed
a crucial turn. Lindsay stayed on course but I think the other teams
made up some time because they didn't run the right way and got to
the next exchange before Lindsay. Alison M ran the last extra leg
for the missing runner then Polly had the most cruel hill in the
middle of her run. It was a straight up dirt road hill and she
kicked major booty on this run. She did it with a smile on her
face. I would have been crying right there on the spot. My turn
now. My last leg was on the Beeline Highway toward the Bush
Highway. It was a major divided highway and there was no way the van
could follow me, so I met them at the next exchange point. I really
had to dig deep to get this run finished. It was mainly uphill and
if it wasn't for Billy Idol singing "Dancing with Myself" on my Ipod
I probably would have walked the whole way. That song is now my
inspiration. The Tour de Phoenix bike race was going on at the same
time as the relay and the traffic was horrendous. When I turned onto
Bush Highway, there was nowhere to run but on the sloping dirt
shoulder. Bikes on right lane, motorhomes and boats in the left lane
and me on the outside. I couldn't wait to get done and off that
road. For those of you who did the Fountain Mountain Tri in October,
imagine that area, but with bikes, boats and RVs in your face. I
handed off the Ipod and bracelet to Rhonda and she took off. Then
Alison took the last leg for our van and we met up with Van 2. We
got some good pictures and stories and as soon as Alison finished we
were on a hunt for the nearest Starbucks. We must have looked like
caffeine-deprived crazy women when we got to Starbucks. I hadn't had
coffee for two days, just lots of adrenaline and gels. That venti
iced soy vanilla latte tasted like heaven. I sucked it down. Then
we headed back to Tucson and a shower and a nice soft bed.

I learned several things this weekend:

1. Holly is amazing. (But I think I already knew that).
2. We have a great group of women who NEVER complained, griped or
3. How contact lenses and glasses are made. (Thanks Alison)
4. How competitive other teams are rather than just doing something
for FUN!
5. That I'm an old broad compared to all of you young beautiful
6. The girls in my van can RUN.....
7. How to dig deep and get through it thanks to Billy Idol.
8. How five strangers who just met that day supported each other
and instinctively knew what to do and when.
9. I never had to pee so much in all my life.
10. How adrenaline can replace Starbucks for so long.

I am ready to do this again next year. Ragnar ... to be

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Interesting event.  Sound like you had fun.  Thanks for the fun race report
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