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Take control of your season with instant access to 31 detailed training plans, exclusive articles and training log features.

Do you have the training plans that you need?

A triathlete could easily be using four training plans in one year.  Why limit yourself to buying one specific plan at a time when your busy schedule could change anytime?


"What if you can't train as much as you anticipated due to work, family?"


"What if you get injured and can't run for a month?"


"What if you find out that you would like to do the same race that your friends are doing, but that would mean changing your plans? "

Get access to ALL types of training plans

My philosophy is to give people all of the tools they need for their entire season. That means having access to a library of training plans at all distances and skill levels. As your schedule adjusts and you need a different plan, you will have them instantly at your disposal.

Have over 30 detailed plans for when you need them


These plans have the detailed workouts, the drills and the speed and strength work needed for a solid plan.  Just click on the main 'Program' button at the top to bring up the category and see a sample 2 weeks, the full calendar plus the plan descriptions.



     Couch-to-Sprint - 12 Week - RPE Based

     Beginner Sprint - 12 Week - HR Zone Based

     Sprint, Basic 12 Week - HR Zone Based

     Sprint, Basic 12 Week - RPE Based

     Intermediate Sprint - 12 Week, 1 Race

     Intermediate Sprint - 26 Week, 6 Races Series

     Sprint - Balanced Lifestyle - 8 Week




     Beginner Olympic - 8 Week - HR Zone Based

     Olympic, Basic 12 Week - HR Zone Based

     Olympic, Basic 12 Week - RPE Based

     Intermediate Olympic - 21 Week, 1 Race

     Intermediate Olympic - 26 Week, 2 Race

     Sprint to Olympic Bridge - 12 Week

     Olympic - Balanced Lifestyle - 8 Week


1/2 Ironman


     Beginner 1/2 IM (A free, detailed plan)

     Half Ironman - 20 Week

     Olympic to Half IM Bridge - 12 Week

     Intermediate Half Ironman - 16 Weeks


Full Ironman


     Beginner Ironman (A free, detailed plan)

     Full Ironman - 20 Week

     Half Iron to Full Ironman Bridge - 12 Weeks

     Advanced Full Ironman - 17 Weeks


Winter Maintenance


     Winter Maintenance/Prep - 4 to 7 Hours - 20 Week

     Winter Maintenance/Prep - 7 to 10 Hours - 20 Week

     The No Fluff Plan - Intermediate - 12 Weeks


Focused Plans


     8 Weeks BIKE FOCUS

     8 Weeks RUN FOCUS

     8 Weeks SWIM FOCUS


Run Plans


     Half Marathon - 20 Week

     Full Marathon - 20 Week


Duathlon Plans


     Duathlon, 5k/30k/5k- 12 Week

     Duathlon, 10K/40k/5k, 12 Week


How do I access the plans?

When signing up for Silver or Gold membership, you will receive instant access to all of these plans.  You can either view and print them as needed or you can import them into your training log for access to detailed analysis and tools.  You will get detailed instructions for access emailed to you.


Can I further customize the plans?

Yes, when importing into your training log you will have the option to choose start or end dates to correspond to a race.  You will also have the ability to move and reschedule workouts to better suit you assuming you follow some general guidelines.  For advanced users, you can even blend the sports of two or three different plans.  For instance you can import the 'run' part of the 1/2 marathon plan and use the bike and swim portions of an olympic plan.


The Silver membership package includes all of the Bronze features too!




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