VIDEO: "Perpetual-Motion" Freestyle: The Three Percent Solution - Part 1

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Work less to swim better. Part one of this video series covers the philosophy of Total Immersion swimming and looks at some common freestyle swimming misconceptions.

Presented by Terry Laughlin of Total Immersion

This clinic was part of the 2009 Multisport World Conference & Expo in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In this first part, Terry Laughlin goes into the philosophy behind Total Immersion swimming. Specifically he parallels his own swimming development as a new swimmer and how his approach has evolved over the last two decades into a form focused on the 'aesthetics' of the body to overcome drag.

Terry also speaks on the topics of:

  • Yardage
  • Intervals
  • Pull buoys, paddles and kickboards

and the importance of each one of these ideas within his swimming program.

The remaining parts to the series will be stroke analysis.

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date: May 6, 2009

Total Immersion

Terry Laughlin is Founder and Head Coach of Total Immersion Swimming.