VIDEO: "Perpetual-Motion" Freestyle: The Three Percent Solution - Part 2

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Work less to swim better. Part two of this video series covers the principles of active streamlining to swim faster with less effort.

Presented by Terry Laughlin of Total Immersion

This clinic was part of the 2009 Multisport World Conference & Expo in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In this second part, Terry Laughlin discusses 'What will make you faster?' and 'Why work less?'

Terry also speaks on the topics of:

  • Resistive vs Repulsive Forces
  • Sustainability not Velocity
  • Stroke Length vs Stroke Reach
  • Shaping the Vessel
  • Taking the path of least resistance
  • Swim with your body and not by pulling and kicking
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date: July 7, 2009

Total Immersion

Terry Laughlin is Founder and Head Coach of Total Immersion Swimming.