How much protein does a triathlete need?

author : Amy Kuitse
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Should triathletes consume more grams of protein than the usual formula, since they are exercising more?

Question from imim

"In planning for nutrition, the general advice calls for 0.5-0.6 (or 0.8) grams protein per lb body weight. That is a finite amount. Do protein requirements change with large caloric needs such as when training volume requires 3-4000+ calories a day? Is that range really enough? At 4000 calories, 0.5g/lb body weight is a small percentage of all caloric needs. I know protein isn't needed so much during workouts and that carbs rule in the high demand days (50-60+%) but the general 40-30-30, or slight variation, ratio is thrown out of whack."

Answer by Coach Amy Kuitse

As triathletes, most of us are well informed about the relationship between the effort we put into training, and the outcome: our performance. [.....]

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date: April 29, 2011

Amy Kuitse