VIDEO: Power Meters, Heart Rate Monitors and Performance Testing: Measuring Your Training Progress

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This panel discussion will cover many questions on heart rate monitors, powermeters and testing.

In triathlon, there is no shortage of ways to measure your training progress and monitor your race performance. Power meters for the bike, heart rate monitors for the all phases of a tri, performance tests that measure your VO2 or lactate threshold all provide a means to track your development as an endurance athlete. This panel discussion is designed to give you the opportunity to ask questions about these tools to help you better understand what's out there and how you can leverage these tools this season.  The panel will feature:

The following questions will be covered:

"What percentage improvements can be realized with power meters?"

"What are the differences in max heart-rate between the triathlon sports and how to find it?"

"Is there a correlation between impending illness and your heart-rate?"

"What are the causes of an erratic heart-rate when using your monitor?"

"Can you guess your zones without a heart-rate monitor or power meter?"

"When you are racing with a heart-rate monitor, how do you factor in elevated heart-rate from race anxiety?"

"How often do you test for heart-rate zones in season?"

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