VIDEO: Coaches Roundtable 2012: Helping Athletes Reach their Goals

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A panel of four triathlon coaches answers questions from the beginner to the Iron distance triathlete.

Alison Cooper, Coach, Empire Tri Club
Laura Cozik, Coach, Team Lipstick
Robert Pennino, Coach, Terrier Tri
Ramon Bermo, Coach, Tri 2 B 

Triathlon questions answered by the coaches are:

What do triathlon clubs and coaches tell beginner triathletes?

Is there a difference between coaching women than coaching women?

The rule of two's: too much, too soon, too fast.  As a coach, how do you recognize that person?

The ideal beginner triathlete schedule.

The ideal intermediate triathlete schedule.

The ideal Ironman schedule.

How do you keep long course athletes motivated?

The dumbest thing in triathlon I have ever done is...

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date: December 22, 2012