Your Success Depends on How You Deal with Failure

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The definition of success is overcoming obstacles.

Only you can decide what success means to you, and only you can do what is necessary to succeed.

People who are successful at reaching their goals are the ones that have found a way to make changes in their lives, in spite of obstacles and to keep driving forward.

Let other people inspire you

Some people reach for success because they are inspired by someone else. Watching someone else achieve something great can be enough motivation to get you started on a similar path. Sports and fitness athletes often get their start from someone who inspired them. You can be inspired not only by their achievements, but by their struggles to get there.

Setting goals

Setting personal goals can be a hard thing to do. It’s easy to get used to life the ways things are, and making a change is usually not easy. Some people resist doing new things because they think they can’t do it, or that is it too hard. It’s easy to resist changing your life because you think there are obstacles standing in the way. But, most obstacles can be overcome with the right attitude.

Change helps you grow

Some people view change in life as negative, or disruptive. But truthfully, the fact that life is constantly changing is a real blessing. You could never better yourself and do more if things were constant. Change is dynamic. It forces you to adapt to new situations and it helps you grow as a person. Even changes that makes your life difficult can be good for you, because you learn how to adapt. You learn how to deal with stress. You learn from your mistakes. Making changes in your life depends on two things:

  • The kind of goals you set

  • What you do about your goals

If you want to change your life, especially by becoming a triathlete, goals are what you need to get there. But, your goals don’t mean anything, unless you are going to do what is necessary to reach them.

Only you can define your success

Only you can set goals for yourself, and only you can decide what success means to you. Other people can judge you for everything you do, and they probably will, but that doesn’t matter. What matters most is how you view yourself. Only you can ever know the kind of effort you have made, and feel good about your accomplishments.

Moving past obstacles

If you look at anyone who is a top athlete, or musician, or successful person in life, their lives are not ideal. Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes. Things go wrong. Life is full of disappointments and situations that just don’t work out, or last. These are natural things that happen to everyone. Experience teaches you that life is not easy. You can bet that any successful person has had a few things to overcome. They’ve had difficulties they were able to overcome before they reached their goal. They are successful because of what they did to move past their disappointments, their obstacles.

You don’t give up

Success does not happen without sacrifice. You achieve something because you work hard, and you don’t give up. You gain everything, because you firmly believe that nothing can keep you from achieving your goal, whatever it may be.

You decide what your goals are

Your personal goals are what you decide they are. Maybe you just want to lose 50 pounds, or maybe you want to build up your muscles and gain strength, or maybe you just want to be physically fit. Your goal can be specific, like competing in bodybuilding, or being an Olympic athlete, competing in a triathlon, or winning a marathon, or cycling race. Depending on what sport interests you, there are numerous possibilities for you to set many goals in your life.

Impossible without failure

The point I am making is that success is impossible, unless you know how to deal with failure. People who are successful are not born that way. They are ordinary people, just like you and me, who have tried and failed many times in their lives. The difference is, that they use failure as something to build on, something to overcome. Their failures, or disappointments, do not stop them from doing more.

This is the difference between achievers and non-achievers. Some people let things stand in the way of what they want to do, while others just try harder and do more. Motivation is ultimately what counts.

The question to ask yourself is this: “Can I keep reaching for my goals, no matter what happens?” And if your answer is “yes,” you have what it takes to reach them. You are determined to succeed, and you most likely will reach every goal you set.


Karen Bresnahan is a professional writer, photographer and artist from Boise, Idaho. She is a former competitive swimmer.  She has a degree from the University of Idaho and is a small business owner of Idaho Naturals Desertscapes, KB Lifelines positive quotes, and Romantic Idaho Weddings.See:

She is published on numerous websites that are related to health and fitness and wellness. You can contact her at [email protected] or on twitter @idaho1111


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