Beginner Triathlete - Ironman articles

author : BrianPBN
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avatarDefinitely glad this weekend is out of the way as 145 miles of cycling and 27 miles of running in two days is a fair amount.
author : dara
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photoA guide that takes you from check-in to the finish line for your first Ironman triathlon.
author : dara
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photoPlaning a successful nutrition strategy of fueling for your first Ironman triathlon.
author : acbadger
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photoI’m not going to sugar coat my experience and tell you that it was a piece of cake, but I am going to attempt to give you some advice and useful information that I wish I had before participating.
author : FitWerx
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photoLearn why two bottles behind the saddle along with and aero drink bottle mount between the aerobars is the best combination of convenience and aerodynamics for HIM and IM racing.
author : jason.taylor
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photoAn age-grouper's journey of training for and completing his first Ironman
author : dilletaunt
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photoAnother year, another excuse in missing the Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens triathlon.
author : khledon
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photoAfter eight long months of training, I’ve finally completed my first ever triathlon and it just so happened to be one of the biggest and toughest events known to the triathlon community, Ironman.
author : MCurle
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photoMoving up from a goal of finishing the race to wanting to perform well
author : ytriguy
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photoSome of the major mistakes I made over a 28-year career that I would do differently if I had it all to do over again.
author : EnduRight
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photoIron distance racing depends on the three pillars of pacing, nutrition and mental outlook. Training these three areas can significantly improve your race.
author : packetron
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photoMy personal experience to complete the Ironman 70.3
author : Rich Strauss
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photoHow important are bricks for half and full Iron distance triathlons? Here is one coach's opinion.
author : Tre_bor
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photoThis is part three of a five part series on how to train for an Iron distance race. In this article I would like to try to offer up some information about how to get through the bike unscathed.
author : trilover
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photoTriLover recently had the opportunity to interview Tim and Nicole. Read what the DeBooms had to say about triathlon, their support for each other and life.
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