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2008-04-11 4:50 PM

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Subject: Two muscles at once
Late last week I went to the Doc for what I thought was an ear infection. It turned out to be a sinus/upper respiratory infection. The PA gave me an antibiotic and Prednisone for the inflammation. During my run on Monday my right glute started tightning up on me along with my low back right above the hip bone. It's been hurting since.

Even though my glute was sore I went for another run on Wednesday. Less than half a mile in I started experiencing some pain in my left calve. It wasn't a cramp (I know what that feels like). It felt deeper. There's no bruising or swelling, so I don't think I strained or tore it, but it's still huring today...high on the calve almost under the knee dead center of the muscle.

So now my right butt cheek hurts and my left calve. Walking is an adventure. Here's the question: Have you guys ever heard of Prednisone causing injuries in people who are too stupid to stop training while they are on them? I'm wondering if the combo of the anitbiotic and the steroid had my muscles dehydrated and caused the injuries. Strange that I didn't pull any of my upper body muscles while working out though.

Any diagnosis of the glute and calve? What am I dealing with? I've been racing for 6 years now and haven't had any injuries since my first year when I dealth with both IT Band issues and Achilled Tedonitis.

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