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2014-07-11 7:24 AM
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Memphis, TN
Subject: RE: Played my 1st round of golf
118 is really good your first time out. I lost so many balls my first round and shot a 153. It was s difficult course.

I haven't played in 2 years due to endurance sports taking up to much time but I'd like to play every now and then.

Work on your putting and short game. That will save you strokes more than you think. When calculating par on a course 36 of those strokes are putting so learn to read greens and practice your putting unlike 98% of the average players. If you can eliminate 3 putts you will be breaking 90 before you know it.

If you can learn to chip and pitch the ball to about 10' from the cup and can make every 10' putt 7 out of 10 times you will be on your way to breaking 80.

That's how I always played. I was an okay driver of the ball and not very sharp with my irons but my short game and putting were always good and back when I played I could break 80 on a regular basis.

Have fun with it and don't turn into the angry golfer that takes it and himself to seriously. Nobody likes that guy on the course and it's only a game of golf not life or death.

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