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Subject: Triple-T California Announced



LAKE COUNTY, CA – A new West Coast version of a popular triathlon series, American Triple-T Triathlon, is set to debut in Lake County, California, from September 18-20, 2009.

Victory Man Racing, LLC, which presents the annual American Triple-T triathlon in Ohio each Memorial Day weekend, announced plans to expand from the East Coast venue to also include a second venue for the 2009 race season, to be held on the West Coast – in and around the community of Lakeport in Northern California – and to be dubbed American Triple-T California.

“We are excited to bring this fantastic event to Lakeport, California, and to the West Coast, showcasing Clear Lake and the area that makes up this great region,” said Doug Grout, chief executive officer of Victory Man Racing.

Lake County is known for its spectacular beauty, unsurpassed recreation, and a growing reputation for ultra-premium wines as it is located immediately adjacent to three of the most famous wine areas in the United States – Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties.

The current American Triple-T is held in Portsmouth, Ohio, and is headed into its seventh year, and event organizers anticipate that the new American Triple-T California will become a classic throughout the West Coast. The American Triple-T California will be a three-day, four-event, long-distance-format triathlon with participants competing on two-person teams or in the solo division. Grout said the American Triple-T California will offer participants intimate camaraderie and a “red-carpet experience” rarely found in traditional triathlons.

Shannon Kurek, Victory Man Racing president and executive race director, describes the American Triple-T as a “world-class” triathlon event.
In 2007, Kurek and Grout presented a triathlon in Lakeport that garnered significant local community support, which they said contributed largely to their decision to return to Lakeport in the expansion of American Triple-T.

Grout said athletes can expect lots of attention from the residents and businesses in and around Lakeport. He said the community is extremely accommodating and excited to have the athletes competing in their community. The Lake County Board of Supervisors recently expressed its official support for the event.

Kurek said, “The American Triple-T California will have it all, from elite athletes to top age-groupers and weekend warriors. The American Triple-T California will truly be special for all participants, spectators, and the surrounding communities.”
Athletes interested in participating may register online at The field will be limited to the first 500 registered participants, which means a very quick sell-out. The entry fee for the event is $300 per solo person or $600 for the two-person team.
Participating athletes will receive a race shirt, event towel, water bottle, and several other goodies provided by key partners and sponsors. Athletes who complete the race also will receive an exclusive “finisher only shirt” that will place them in a select group of athletes throughout the world.

In an effort to give back to local communities, Victory Man Racing offers fundraising opportunities to local community non-profit groups enabling those groups to earn $10 per race-day volunteer. Volunteer hosts willing to provide overnight housing also are needed. In addition, businesses can get involved through a wide variety of sponsorship options.
For information about the event or for volunteer, hosting, and sponsorship opportunities, contact Tasha Magana, American Triple-T race coordinator, at (707) 533-3043, or by e-mail to [email protected].
Founded in 2007 by Doug Grout and Shannon Kurek, Victory Man Racing, LLC is an umbrella brand for HFP Racing and Run Wild Racing. The merger strengthened both brands as continued leaders in their respective athletic communities. Victory Man Racing, LLC will allow these thriving organizations to build upon their successes and well-established brand names, as they evolve their passions for sports and desires to be the most respected race management organization in the Midwest and around the globe. For more information, visit

Located in beautiful Northern California, Lake County is just two hours by car from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Sacramento Valley, and the Pacific Coast. Lake County is home to Clear Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in California and possibly the oldest lake on the continent. Visitors to Lake County experience the state’s cleanest air basin, spectacular scenic beauty, fine wines, headliner concerts, and unsurpassed recreational opportunities — from hiking, biking, golf, and off-road adventures to boating, fishing, kayaking, birding, and even rockhounding. The local area code is 707. For visitor information, contact the Lake County Visitor Information Center at (800) 525-3743 or

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