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2009-04-05 10:53 PM

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Lompoc, CA
Subject: EIA or VCD? Can't breathe!!

OK, I have had exercise induced asthma (EIA) aka exercise induced brochospasm (EIB) for years.  I had it fairly well under control until the last few years.  After several pulmonary function tests it was discovered that I also have vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) caused by reflux.  Surprising since I never even felt heart burn, but I guess with the larygeo-pharyngeal type that is not uncommon.

So here's the deal - I am now on medication (Aciphex) to heal the damage and have been feeling better.  I have been slowly improving my run speed (my most challenging event) and my breathing has felt better in training.  I was excited to see how I'd do in a race.  Then I have my first tri (sprint) of the season this weekend and towards the end of the bike I feel things getting tight.  By the time I am to the 1 mile marker I am hardly moving any air!  I had to stop and walk three times!  Totally sucks.  Also sucked that apparently my inhaler fell out of my jersey when I put it on in T1 and I didn't notice.

Has anyone else had to deal with this type of situation? Is the VCD rearing its ugly head towards the end of race - or am I just having an asthma attack?  I am so frustrated!  I was having a good race until I couldn't breathe.  I don't want my whole season to go like this... your advice and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


2009-04-06 11:25 AM
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Subject: RE: EIA or VCD? Can't breathe!!

i have asthma and probably have VCD, too (symptoms, but they couldn't see any evidence of it when they had a camera in my head). Have you been given the breathing tests for VCD? If you can get air into your lungs with sharp inhalations through your nose, it's probably VCD. It's asthma if you have problems exhaling and not so much inhaling.

If it's VCD, calming yourself can help. Just take a few minutes and get your breathing under control, and then carry on. It's scary stuff, but it's not as severe as asthma...

Good luck!
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