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Brasstown Bald Buster Century - CycleCentury

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Helen, Georgia
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Here's my "race" report for this non-race, and as usual I'm too lazy to fill in all of the myriad blocks above. Do you really care how the pavement was at mile 57.5, anyway?

Fellow BTer Mike45 and I have each done this ride before, in 2007 and last year, respectively, but we hadn't done it together. This year Mike signed up early and I eventually grudgingly paid up so he could have some company.

I took my travel bike, as I didn't want to change up the gearing on the race bike. I weighed it last night, just for kicks, set up with the frame pump and bag as I rode it this weekend. 26 pounds. I think next time I'll bring the light bike...

I don't really have anything new to say about this century that I didn't say last year unless I want to make up some new cuss words or something.

One guy stood out as we were about to start; he was tall, had a blond ponytail, and was rocking those white support socks up to his knees. He was also on a tri bike with Zipps. Dude! About 3 miles into the ride he was stopped alongside the road. I figured we'd seen the last of him.

It was cloudy with intermittent sprinkles most of the morning, actually pretty nice weather for a ride like this. Mike and I rode out easy and let the group go, then just cruised along, stopping at all of the rest stops. I took it relatively easy the first 77 miles, to the base of Hogpen. Of course, there's still about 6,000 feet of climbing in that first segment, so you can't just loaf through it.

At the base of Hogpen, I said goodbye to Mike and started the grind with a light rain falling to keep me company. Yep, sucked just as badly as I remembered. About this time, I see those white support socks ahead as Mr. Ponytail came out of the mid-climb SAG station and proceeded to slowly climb away from me. Say what you will about his style, the guy was going good uphill! Fortunately, a spectacular blond (female!) rider distracted me during this critical time.

I proceeded to blow by him on the downhill; it was wet so I went slower than I usually would but I still probably hid mid 40s. Just before Brasstown Mr.P caught up again and told me I was nuts. I told him if he'd just get a road bike, he too could be crazy.

Brett (Rocketman) recognized me at the SAG stop at the bottom of Brasstown; I was too out of it to recognize him although I should've. Met Greg (Cornelius300) there also.

I got back on the bike and proceeded to start up the final climb. I was spinning out on wet patches of pine needles and gravel which made it interesting. Once again, the Wall made me walk as I cramped up again when I tried to stand up and crank it out. I walked that section, remounted and finished up.

The best part about this whole ride is getting the hell off that mountain and going down to have Mexican food and beer. As we rode down, I spotted Mike coming up the final climb and yelled out something or other. It might've been "You dumbass, why did you talk me into this again?" I'm not sure.

We regrouped at the restaurant with cold beer, where I spent some time talking to Support Socks dude, who turned out to be a really nice guy. Of course, I forgot his name.

I'll probably also forget how painful this ride is and sign up again. Maybe I'll be smart enough to re-read my own race report before I do. Note to Future Self: Just go drink beer instead.

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2009-05-18 12:04 PM

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Extreme Veteran
Subject: Brasstown Bald Buster Century

2009-05-20 9:12 AM
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Jacksonville, FL
Subject: RE: Brasstown Bald Buster Century
So, does this mean you're not joining us again this weekend in Dahlonega? Laughing

Can I share your report with Art & Marino?
2009-05-21 6:00 AM
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Subject: RE: Brasstown Bald Buster Century
Great ride and it was good to meet you. I, too was shocked when the compression socks tri guy showed up at the base of brasstown! I keep saying now that I have the finishers medal, I am good- but I suspect next year when the pain is all a distant memory I may be talked into it again.
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