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2009-06-15 12:06 PM

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Subject: Golds Gym Fitchburg Anyone??
I am thinking of changing gyms to the new Golds in Fitchburg. They've got some amazing rates...and the facility looks pretty cool.  I am a little leary because of the stigma that follows Golds...a bunch of muscle heads and people looking to hook up.  Being a 30 something mother of three ---I don't really fit this description ----but wondering if anyone has had any experience with Golds.  Is it an "athlete" gym?


2009-06-15 12:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Golds Gym Fitchburg Anyone??
I was going to join based on the rates too. But my wife checked some website reviews and it sounds like Gold's is really hard to get out of the contract, even after your initial contract is up. There were stories of people cancelling credit cards just to stop them and then they sent collection agencies after them. Of course, this is just from the internet, so take it for what it's worth.

I decided to join Pinnacle instead. A lot more expensive but definately not a "meat market" with a bunch of young people. I'm 37 and I think I'm one of the youngest people there at times!
2009-06-15 2:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Golds Gym Fitchburg Anyone??
I know they are trying to change their image.  What about Harbor Athletic Club.  Used to teach there, but moved :-(.    Have a lot of tri stuff happening at different times of the year.  Great family joint.  At one point, Fleet Feet used to start runs from Harbor too.  Loved that place.  Great child care if you are in need of it. 

here is the link to the website:

2009-06-15 5:34 PM
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Subject: RE: Golds Gym Fitchburg Anyone??

I went ahead and joined Golds (SSMinnow did too) and I'm a mom with 2 kids.  I think quite a few people in my neighborhood may have joined as well - so it won't be all meatheads!  The rates are good and I took the tour two weeks ago - it looks like it will be really nice once done.  The opening date that we were told was July 20th.

2009-06-17 6:11 AM
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Verona WI--Ironman Bike Country!
Subject: RE: Golds Gym Fitchburg Anyone??
I joined Gold's, but will only be using the pool.  I think a lot more families will be using the facility than meatheads.  That is the old Gold's, at least with this franchise owner.  They are planning quite a few classes--YOGA, Pilates, etc.

Getting out of the 2 year contract requires you find someone else to take over your membership OR you move.  I got a rate of $29.99/month so I think it will be easy for me to find someone who wants it should I decide Gold's is too crowded or I have some other issue.

Right now I belong to Pinnacle.  I like the facility.  I don't like the price.

2013-07-02 1:44 PM
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Subject: RE: Golds Gym Fitchburg Anyone??
The person who said it's hard to get out of a Gold's contract is right. I bought a two year membership and then had to move. I figured it was alright but then after the two years ran out, a charge appeared on my statement. Then I got an email saying I was being charged for another bit. No one sent me any notice of any kind that this was going to happen. It was an expensive membership to begin with. The General Manager, Tim Hughes, only refunded half of the charge. It would have been nice to have at the very least an apology. If you're looking at a membership be warned that this will happen. There won't be a head's up. Just a charge.

2013-07-21 10:27 PM
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Madison, WI
Subject: RE: Golds Gym Fitchburg Anyone??
My wife and I (both mid-to-late 30s) are members there. Not a big meathead presence here. The facility is very nice and really clean--compared to the Princeton Club according the missus.

I mostly use the pool but also the treadmills and occasionally the Expresso bike. The equipment is generally is good, functional condition. I had a few gripes about the Expresso bike and they took care of them.

Can't speak to the membership cancellation policy---I didn't join the gym to quit!

When we joined there was a 1-week trial available.

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