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2005-05-10 1:59 PM

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Clarksville, TN
Subject: underwater spasms
I am having trouble with my breathing during the swim. I can breath on both sides, I usually go 3 strokes l/r/l/r, but i find myself not having enough time to exhale in the water. So, I tried a 5 stroke and just rolled on my right side, but after about 150m I found myself gasping for air even though at first everything seemed to be going so well.

And just as a side note, they put so much chlorine in the pools here (Baghdad) that I can't see the bottom on the shallow end. I walked around all day looking like I had some serious pink eye - in BOTH EYES!

Gotta love it!

2005-05-10 2:05 PM
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Los Angeles, CA
Subject: RE: underwater spasms
People say that it's because of the CO2 build up in the lungs, so maybe you need to go 7 strokes. In regards to the eyes, maybe you should buy some goggles.
2005-05-10 2:15 PM
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Atlanta, GA
Subject: RE: underwater spasms
If you don't have enough time to exhale in the water when breathing every 3 strokes, it sounds like something may be wrong with your stroke. You may be turning your arms over WAY too fast, and that could be contributing to your fatigue.

I personally find it more difficult to swim extended periods of time breathing every 5 or 7 strokes because doing so creates an anaerobic environment for your body to battle. When people get tired because of the breathing, the answer isn't to take less breaths, it typically is vice versa.

Just focus on exhaling quicker and if you can handle it, breathe out your mouth and nose at the same time (just make sure you don't inhale through your nose).
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