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2010-01-03 7:57 PM

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Victoria, BC
Subject: I'm outta here
Hey guys ... I'm outta here - BT and BC, both! ;-)

I'll be moving back to Calgary in March/April (dependant on the posession dates) but in the meantime will not be on BT at all ..

The story goes like this:

I've applied to Calgary Police Service, and am waiting through their hiring freeze (dammit, missed it by about 2 months) ... and I will also be applying to the RCMP as of the end of January when I write the RPAT ... Wish Me Luck!!!!!

I was a police dispatcher for almost 7 years, 5 years with Calgary then 1 1|2 with Vic PD .. quit to open my own business in nutrition & health/bootcamp/yoga, that whole bit ... it was good ... but it wasn't what I love ... it wasn't my destiny.

I'm ready to go back. I want to beat people up, arrest people,chase people, taser people, and go to court saying I did none of the above (KIDDING!) ...

Anyways.... if anyone wants to keep in touch my email is trinarae(at)

I will keep you updated with my application processes, the training, the icks, the goods, the stuffs ... but let me know if you want to be on the email list. Otherwise - it's been good to know ya, BT. All the best. Namaste.

2010-01-04 5:28 AM
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Oliver, BC, "Wine Capital of Canada"
Subject: RE: I'm outta here

Hey, good luck Trina-Rae! Wishing you success. Would love to hear updates of how things are going.

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