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2011-09-12 11:27 AM
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Newbury Park, CA
Subject: RE: School me on football (soccer) rules!
Prince of Denmar - 2011-09-10 9:01 PM

jmk-brooklyn - 2011-09-10 6:01 PM I have a rules question also. My kid was playing goalkeeper in his U-8 league this morning and he made a save at the goal line. He picked up the ball and was carrying it closer to the top of the penalty area to kick it out when the ref stopped him and made him go back and kick it from inside the smaller box close to the goal opening. I thought the keeper could handle the ball Anywhere inside the penalty box, so I'm not sure why the ref brought him back inside the goal box. Can someone clarify this rule for me?

He can/should be allowed to handle the ball anywhere inside the penalty box.

Sometimes, some rule changes are made in younger leagues, but I had never heard of this one.

The U8 leagues around here don't actually have a penalty area just a goal area.  So by default you can only handle the ball in the goal area.

2011-09-12 4:03 PM
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Subject: RE: School me on football (soccer) rules!

I coached U8 last year and U10 this year, in the U8 league the goal area for the kids is actually a smaller area, the fields would be laid out for all age groups so would have the larger U10 and up area as well as the U8 area.

In U10 the kids can use the full penalty area, but U8 only the small area.  Also the U8 Offense are not allowed in the smaller goal area.

It's likely just a local age group rule.

2011-09-12 5:46 PM
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Subject: RE: School me on football (soccer) rules!

spudone - 2011-09-12 9:18 AM So what did you think of the game?

It was fun being there. the beer was good and cold and the weather was nice.

The game was entertaining though as my friend said, it would have been better if we had won. I can see how people can get so worked up with all of it though, especially watching how the players act and the calls the refs make. it is pretty sad but when even someone like me can tell a call was wrong - there is something going on. The only slack I gave was that maybe on the field the refs can see something we can't so I would wait to catcha reply of the game - reply still left me thinking what they heck! (not being a rabid sports fan btw, I thought this about some calls made against both teams - not just calls against the sounders being wrong).

Overall though, I would go again if the ticket was free

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