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2005-10-04 5:12 PM
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Subject: RE: My friends suck!

MLJ - 2005-10-04 2:45 PM For what it's worth, I didn't really have much of an issue with the comment from "Heather" asking you to go out and go dancing. After all, this sport certainly does take time away from friends and family, and it's not the worst thing in the world if they enjoy your company enough to actually miss seeing you.....

Ya, I know. But they stay out till closing time and get all crazy wasted and get mad at me when, around 11:00, I need to go home. The other factor is that I live in the next town, so I have to drive 15 miles home after an evening of partying, so that's something I'm very careful about.

To Kevin (Dirty Dogs):

Ha! I dig your .$02! You are very right. I truly am dedicated to this for myself, and if others take an interest that is/would be a postive side effect. I rarely discuss tri stuff with them except where it might be a time issue for plans or whatnot, because I figure it's boring to people who aren't doing it themselves. I don't take that personally. When I've raced, however, I've let them know. I have no qualms about asking them to come out and cheer me on if they have the time. Velma has come to all three of my races, with enthusiam and lots of cheering. They are supportive, but not all that interested.

I was exaggerating a bit (more lame attempts to be funny) by saying they "suck" cause the really don't -- they just have lives and interests of thier own. I was feeling touchy about it the other day since I had just done a tri.

Daphne and I have known each other for many years and we are really more like sisters than friends, with all the complicated and sometimes ambivilent stuff that goes with such a realationship. We pick on each other equally and drive each other nuts, so it all works out in the end.

Anyway, I guess we all know the growing pains of the changes that getting into this sport create. For me, I'm not going to let my new passion hurt old friendships - just doggedly loyal that way.

2005-10-05 3:40 PM
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Mound, MN
Subject: RE: My friends suck!
Same thing happened to me. We had "guys night" for the first time in a year. We went water skiing, tubing, then to a dockside bar for dinner and a few beers. None of these guys have seen me all summer. The first comments were, hey you've lost some weight, have you been sick. Then it was time to go skiing, and Oct in Minnesota can be a little dicey with water temps, so I put on a wet suit. Then the rest of the night I was peppered with questions on my workout, what I'm eating, "tell me more about this tri-thing, "hey your married, but do you think you could help me meet that girl on the other side of the bar", etc. It was the best I've ever felt, I was always a little over weight, and smoked, so this was a first.

Good Luck,
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