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2005-11-24 11:17 AM

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Subject: BT Parents Question
I've been considering a shift in the direction of my education, into ..well...education. I would really love to teach art because I know what it did for me in my younger years, and how it changed my life. So for you BT parents out there, some questions.

1) Do your kids currently have an art class (elementary/middle/high)? If so, how often? Is the art teacher specifically for THAT school, or is he/she shared amongst other schools?

2) What sort of things do they do in their classes?
3) What kinds of things do YOU wish were taught in art classes?
4) What about art history? Should it be taught ? if yes, when? (Elementary, middle, high?)
5) Do you think your child would benefit from art classes in their school? If they have them allready, what do you think would make their art education better? If you do not think that art education would benefit your child, why?

I'm just trying to think of how I can get into mentoring and helping out in art ed, and these are sort of broader questions about education, I suppose. Any other advice you parents could impart?

2005-11-24 11:55 AM
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Subject: RE: BT Parents Question
Well, as a parent and an about-to-graduate teacher, I can tell you that from what I have seen that Art teachers are almost non-existant.  Art tends to be the first area to receive the ax during budget trimming.  The elementary school I was in last spring had an art teacher that they shared with 4 other schools.

I do think it needs to be taught but I have no answers for the budgetary concerns.
2005-11-25 7:34 AM
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South Jersey
Subject: RE: BT Parents Question
This doesn't really answer your questions, but is sort of a response to what TriMom217 said.

A friend of mine recently got a job teaching art at a high school in our area...one that had cut an art program, but is bringing it back. I THINK, but am not positive, that the art classes are still electives for the students. He loves teaching art and sees is at as a great benefit for the students (i.e., those who do not perform well in other classes, but receive additional motivation by finding out they are talented in other ways). Because he joined a "new" art program, many opportunities have opened up for him in addition to teaching classes - he is running some clubs and has been working with students as the set designer for the school's plays and musicals. To me, it seems like a great opportunity to teach art, but I do agree with TriMom217 in that a lot of schools are cutting art programs and so it might be difficult to find a job (or keep one). But, perhaps all those schools that have recently cut programs are starting to bring them back, who knows...
2005-11-27 10:19 AM
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Lexington, Kentucky
Subject: RE: BT Parents Question
1) We have 2 kids in elementary school (kindergarten & 3rd grade) The lower school has a dedicated art teacher, and they have art twice a week.

2) They do lots of drawing & painting. My daughter also did an after-school "clay days" program one day a week. She really enjoyed it.

3) I wish I had learned to really draw well.

4) I did a couple of units on art history in Junior High. I didn't appreciate them at the time but now I do. Art history should probably be part of the curriculum informally in the younger years and more formally later

5) Art & Music are very important in my mind. My kids go to a private school  with a well-balanced curriculum.  (The upper school's art rooms and science labs are really something to see) It's not cheap, but we feel it is worth it.  Public schools in our area are facing budget issues and music and art are often the first things to be cut.
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