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2012-01-02 4:50 PM

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Subject: Uploading a manual file

I posted about this in the "New Upload" and "Trainer Road" thread but figured this might be the best place.

Recently Trainer Road has started allowing the download of TCX files.

Both my wife and I, as well as a few others in the Trainer Road thread, have tried uploading the files to BT.  It says that they upload, but they never appear. 

I tried my first one several days ago so it should have had time to upload by now.

I don't know if it is a issue with the file that TR is providing, or it is an issue with the upload process, but since BT does not show an error message, or a log of anysort I can find, I can't go back to TR with information on what might be missing.

The files I uploaded are too big to attach here for your review.  I will email them to you if you wish.


Edited to address the upload size issue.


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2012-01-02 7:18 PM
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Fairport, NY
Subject: RE: Uploading a manual file
It's probably something to do with the file format. We'll take a look.
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