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2012-07-24 4:04 PM

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Subject: IM Tahoe Training in LA?

Hi all,

Signed up for Tahoe, so it's time to do some climbing.  I did a quick search but didn't find any threads.  I've heard that Mt. Baldy is a good training ride for LA folks looking to do some big climbs and get some expereince at elevation in preparation for IM Lake Tahoe. 

If you can school me on favorite routes (either for Baldy or other good rides) not too far from the San Fernando valley, I'd appreciate it.  There's always Kanan Rd. and Santa Monica mountain canyons, but if there are good roads with some elevation as well, that would be great! 

Thanks in advance for your help!




2012-07-24 5:12 PM
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Sunny Southern Cal
Subject: RE: IM Tahoe Training in LA?
Not sure how much elevation change you're looking for, but you can do GMR (Glendora Mtn Rd.) up to the ridge road to Baldy Village.  From there, you have the option of making a left turn on Baldy Road and climbing up to the ski slopes for a really healthy climb, making a right turn and going down Mt. Baldy Rd. into Claremont, or turning around and taking the Ridge Road back to Glendora.  Optionally, you can ride up Mt. Baldy Rd. from the base in Claremont to the Village or the ski slopes if you'd prefer.  It's steeper up the face like that, and you get to enjoy the narrow tunnels on the uphill, which are always a fun place to be when you encounter vehicle traffic (note sarc on that last comment).  There's no water up there on the ridge road until you get to the village, so come prepared.
2012-08-08 11:00 PM
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Seal Beach
Subject: RE: IM Tahoe Training in LA?
In the winter when you cannot climb Baldy and GMR is closed hit up Malibu, there are plenty of hills, miles and miles of climbing.  Check strava for routes.  See you out there as I am training for Tahoe as well.
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