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2012-10-29 10:28 AM


St Louis
Subject: Advice on New Wetsuit

I just recently bought a new wetsuit (First Purcahse after using rentals).  Wha is the best way to get it to stretch out somewhat before the event in 2 weeks?  With the current weather swimming in a lake is not an option.  Any advice is welcomed.



2012-10-29 10:33 AM
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Laguna Beach
Subject: RE: Advice on New Wetsuit

In general wetsuits do not "stretch out" over time much. A little perhaps, but not much.

Everyone, especially people new to wearing a neoprene wetsuit, thinks their suit is too tight at first. It usually isn't too tight.

If you did a dry-land fit, and opposed to putting it on, getting in the water and doing some swimming, then it will likely feel too tight.

Get to a pool, be certain you do a good job of getting the suit on correctly (there are a few online guides for how to do this) and practice swimming in the suit to get used to the way it feels.

Wetsuits rely on a small layer of water between you and the suit to fit and feel correct. Until you have that it will feel constricting and tight.

2012-10-29 11:30 AM
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Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa.
Subject: RE: Advice on New Wetsuit

The best thing I did was lose about 40 pounds after I bought my wesuit.  :-)

Some wetsuits say to NOT use it in a pool.  I have an Xterra suit and it says that extensive use in a chlorinated pool can have a negative affect on the suit causing damage.

It won't hurt to swim in a pool a couple of times to make sure it fits.  You just have to wash it off.  I did that a few times to see how it feels.  Word of caution, some indoor pools are pretty warm and swimming in a wetsuit got really hot really fast.


2012-10-29 11:41 AM
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Grand Prairie
Subject: RE: Advice on New Wetsuit

Why is swimming in the lake not an option?

You have a westsuit, it is made to be used in cold water!


I have the DeSoto T1 (2-piece suit) and it can be sued in a pool. Though I used it in 70+ water and I was a bit too warm for my liking... So I can't imagine using it in a warm pool.

Guess this is goes in the category, you don;t have to do everything you can do.

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