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2012-12-07 5:55 AM


Subject: Olympic and half Ironman advice

Hi there folks,

I am very new to the Tri scene, but after watching the whole Cairns Ironman 2012 I was completely inspired by this sport and decided there and then that i wanted to, at least, compete in a half Ironman.

 I completed my first tri, which was a sprint, a month ago coming 3rd in my age group and have now got the bug for it! I registered for the Cairns 70.3 2013 on the opening day and can't wait for next June, but would like to do a few Olympic distances in between.

I live in the tropics and now that we're coming into Summer, training is becoming increasingly harder with the heat. At the moment, when I do brick sessions I am running first, cycling second and swimming last and would like to know if this matters at all with transitions being the wrong way round? or should I stick to swim, cycle and then run?

I would love some ideas and tips on nutrition and re-fuelling during training and race time as i'm a little confused as to how much and when. I just hate running with heaps of fluid and food in my guts but not sure if gels or bars are better?

Also does anybody recommend a good swim goggle?

I look forward to some great advice and handy tips,


Jess Smile 

2013-11-03 12:38 AM
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Subject: RE: Olympic and half Ironman advice
that's a great question jesskelly. ive just got into triathlons myself a couple of months ago when I did the airlie beach triathlon. after doing this triathlon I found it firly easy to do a days work in the sun as it wasn't to warm then train on the night. now its getting to be a bit of a struggle. I do train in mornings as its a lot less harsh then but its not always easy going on long rides before work when I have to be there at 7.

I personally find that if I don't prepare my food for the next day the night before then I can pretty much right off training after work! I aren't anyone to give advise as im new to the sport myself but I have trained a lot since moving to mackay and the only way to still feel fresh during training in this heat and humidity is eat heaps of fruit / brown rice and sweet potatoe during the day, and not all at once, have 3 meals during the day as well as downing a steady amount of water and I also advise extend.... has amino acids and small amount of sodium to help replace the sweat...

this is what I find works for me
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