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2013-03-02 6:43 AM
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Scottsdale, AZ
Subject: RE: Plantar Facsiitis Success Stories?...
same suggestions as most of the others...stretch your calves, hamstrings - there is a reason why the facia is inflamed, something is pulling on it excessively. Rolling on frozen water bottle and golf ball worked wonders for mine. I would say if things aren't getting better...try ASTYM - it's doing wonders for my calf injury and the PT can see why you got PF in the first place!
Sucks being down b/c of an injury...hope you heal fast!

2013-05-27 8:13 AM
in reply to: runspingirl

Voorhees, NJ
Subject: RE: Plantar Facsiitis Success Stories?...
I am suffering terribly with PF - just another injury in a long line of training injuries for me. Just got over a year of shoulder and knee injuries/pain and now this uggghhh. Soo frustrating. Just ran my 15yr old son's first tri with him on saturday cuz I just couldn't disappoint him and now I'm nearly crippled. I've been on an HIM training plan last two months and now I'm devastated at having to stop running because it's killing me.

I've read the entire thread and the only conclusion that I can come to is that there is no one treatment, orthotic, massage, stim, shot that is the solution. Seems that different things work for different people which has been my experience with every other overuse training injury that I have had the last few years. Guess I'll just start trying a couple different things and pray....everything else seems to have healed over time regardless of what I do so maybe time and moderation is the answer...FWIW stopping training for any period of time has never resulted in healing for me - recovery always seems to come with slow down and gradual build back up.

Btw, I'm a 47yo physician so even my own expert medical knowledge and ability to research is of limited help and I'm in the same boat as the rest of you looking for help and answers.

Good luck all!!
2013-05-27 8:45 AM
in reply to: RZ0

Subject: RE: Plantar Facsiitis Success Stories?...
Originally posted by RZ0

Struggled with this as well; I think of it as God's way of telling me to swim more.

Stretches here helped, especially the first two. Haven't tried the tennis ball roll, but thinking about it feels good.

The important things are rest, then come back sloooowly. I glanced at your profile, OP, and you are relatively young. Be patient, as you don't want to screw things up for your 50s and 60s.

I've used these stretches. They make a big difference. Note that they want you to do these stretches several times a day. Once or twice doesn't help much.
Also, rest.
I also got a different shoe. I didn't need an orthotic, but I did need a shoe that fit my odd-shaped foot (12B, so Adidas). A good running store should know what brands cater to whatever shoe you have.
By coincidence, my wife and sister-in-law got PF at about the same time. (Both non-athletes.) Orthotics made a HUGE difference for them. It's hard to believe that the right shoe can make so much difference, but it does. I would bet most people never in their lives wear a pair of shoes that fit correctly.
2013-05-27 10:37 AM
in reply to: JasenGuy

Subject: RE: Plantar Facsiitis Success Stories?...
I had it for several years. . Tried everything. Nothing got rid of it enough to run more than 1 -2 miles pain free.

I had PRP plasma injections last May. It straight up cured it. I was running a month later. Now, I did keep doing a lot of the typical self treatment recommended here, but I am convinced the adhesions, scar tissue or whatever would not have released without the injections.

I have been up to 25 mpw pain free.

Now if I can just get my calf (on the same side), to chill out.
2013-05-27 11:54 AM
in reply to: FELTGood

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Harrisburg, PA
Subject: RE: Plantar Facsiitis Success Stories?...

Originally posted by FELTGood disclaimer: not trying to.solicit especially since most do not live near me and seek care on your own for proper diagnosis yada yada yada

I treat this.problem all the time and have had great success!!!! FWIW here's what I do....I get a bunch of people who refer to me just for this. Assuming your dx is right

I Start with 10-20 min of moist heat and stum, 5 -10 minutes of longitudinal manual stripping of the pf especially proximal and distal to point of pain, passive calf stretching, ultrasound 7 min,and cold laser . At least 2 x per week 6-12 times .

This recipe/ treatment plan works a lot on my patients, but seek your own provider ....good luck it can be helped in most cases.

Scott, your approach to treatment sounds similar to Perry Nickelston's, who presented at a conference I attended a few weeks ago.

Can you speak to the subsequent approach to training?  i.e. when resuming training, did they build training load at the common rate of 10%, or did they utilize a more conservative approach?  I'm curious, because I've had clients experience PF, and my approach has generally been to rest them, then when training resumes, build at a conservative 5% or so.  I've had success with this, but it takes time that isn't always available depending on their race schedule.  If adding in your treatment allows resuming progress at a faster rate, it sounds like something I need to learn more about so I can refer clients for your type of treatment for a quicker return to racing.

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