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2013-03-16 11:57 AM

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Subject: Race Day Checklist

Tri'ing my first sprint on April 7.  I am doing the White Lake Sprint.  I have been training since late December and feel like I am in good enough shape to finish.  My goal is to finish to give myself a baseline on which to improve. My concern is that I am going to get to the transition area on the morning of the race and have forgotten something critical.  Would anyone be nice enough to run down the "must haves" for raceday?

2013-03-16 3:23 PM
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Subject: RE: Race Day Checklist

Welcome to BT.  I'm a beginner myself but in my 1st Sprint I learned a few things that helped a lot with my 2nd.

I learned to wear tri-shorts and a tri-top under my wetsuit (or in place of a wetsuit if it is too warm) so in transition you just strip off your wetsuit then put on your helmet, sunglasses and bike shoes and you're on your way.  Some people carry a 2nd pair of goggles around their neck in case the ones they're wearing get knocked off - not usually necessary in a Sprint.

Don't wear socks in your bike shoes (try this before the race to make sure it works for you).

A race belt is cheap and handy to hold your race number.

Get quick tie laces like Yankz for your running shoes.  Roll your running socks up like two small doughnuts so they just roll onto your feet. (I can't run sockless in my runners - yet)

Keep things to a minimum -

Swim - wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, spare goggles, tri-shorts and top,

Bike - Bike, helmet, pump (optional), sunglasses, racebelt, shoes, (I took gloves but they take too long to put on for a Sprint so I didn't wear them.

Run - Hat, runners and socks.  Depending on where you're racing you may decide you need some sunscreen.

Any beginner triathlon book will have lists in them. 

Others may have more things to suggest but this is a good start.  At my 1st Sprint some people were carrying in huge suitcases with gear and they only had the limited space under their bikes to leave things and their stuff was spilling over onto other peoples space and getting kicked around.

A sprint is just like a longer workout so don't worry about it and have fun.  I hope I'll get to read your race report.

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