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Subject: Beginner triathlete nutrition info

Hi there, 

I am just starting swimming, as a way of deciding if i will do a triathlon. I am a runner, but currently injured with a stress fracture which has lead to considering the triathlon. 

I have been swimming for the past couple of weeks with a triathlon club, for an hour 3 times a week in the morning. Doing warm up 6-8 x 4/5 drills to get the front crawl technique then the 6-10 front crawl 

I am really enjoying it, loving a new challenge but as i know nothing about swimming i was just wondering if anyone had any nutritional guidance in terms of swimming? I dont know whether its just me but after the early morning sessions i find im starving even after my breakfast. I also take a  banana before. I find that my heart rate is pretty high during the swimming. 


I would just like to know for future reference, as i only really know about running nutrition

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 

2014-01-25 1:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Beginner triathlete nutrition info
I am no expert but I have taken an interest in nutrition little. I experience the same to be honest whenever I do any morning exercise. I think it is important to eat carbs as soon as you can after you finish. There is talk about protein windows 30 minutes after exercise - this is not correct a for normal people at least there is no benefit but there is a carb window in which we recharge muscle glycogen after 30 minutes. When you eat then most of the carb will go into the blood and straight back out again into the muscle. This is great because it means our muscles are recharging for the next workout but it still leaves us hungry. I tend to try and eat carb just after the workout but then about 40-1 hr later I have a slug of protein shake. This will go to grow my muscles but also as a source of food that will keep me from feeling starving. I'm guessing we are a little different so I would experiment a bit and work out what works for you.
2014-01-25 1:50 PM
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Subject: RE: Beginner triathlete nutrition info
PS if you can get hold of a copy of "the triathletes training bible" by Jo Freil there is a chapter discussing this in there :-)
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