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Wauconda Bunny Hop - Run

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Wauconda, Illinois
United States
Total Time = 24m 40s
Overall Rank = 2/195
Age Group = M30-34
Age Group Rank = 1/16
Pre-race routine:

Got up, ate just a little and drove over.
Event warmup:

Got in just over a mile to warm-up plus some active stretching to help the range of motion. Not as much as I'd like because getting ready took longer than it should for some reason. Wasn't sure how I'd do today as hamstring has been tight, very slow in getting back to usual range, also tires easily. I can run easy pace fine, but when picking it up, I can feel the tension in it, causing me to run a little awkward. Uses up energy getting through that tension and I have to go slower than my natural cadence would be. Figured I'd just go at a decent effort and see how it went over the first mile. Try to get in a solid effort without getting hurt.
  • 24m 40s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 06m 09s  min/mile

This is a really small local event, so I went up very near the front to start. Then they moved the start from out of the library and onto the main road, without telling everyone which way we were going at first. Got that sorted out and everyone in position. Had been looking around for anyone I knew, but saw no one. Did see another guy trying to size me up. (Don't make me come hurt you).

Started off at what felt nice, letting Garmin collect some data points to get a better idea. Bunch of people took off way too fast again, quickly falling off after a minute. I just ran my race and slid by. Once settled in I saw 8 people in front. One was way out front. He looked like a fairly serious runner in warm-ups. I didn't really see him after like 1.5 miles in, went on to finish a full 2 minutes ahead of me.

Kept my effort fairly steady and picked people off over the next 2.5 miles or so. This was a bit tricky to do with all the ups and downs. I came into the hills with some momentum, but didn't try to push extra like some of the others seemed to. The feeling quickly readjusted for the change in motion and I cruised right up. Tended to give up 2-3 sec or so to the others around me, but at the top, I was back up to speed much more quickly and also able to stride out better on the downhills, easily compensating for the time.

Could also be that everyone else was smaller, some of them were really small. A couple of the guys were no more than 5 ft or so. One was bundled up in long pants, a wind breaker and a hoodie. For when it's in the 40's? His windbreaker was blue and I really tried not to think of it. Another looked fairly well built for a runner up here. But then when you get close, you realize he's no more than 4'8". Kept thinking he'd be a good buddy for someone in one of the mentor groups (sorry man). Then again I look 7 ft tall in the photos.

I passed 6 of the guys in the neighborhood and closed in on second place near the main road (this was the guy checking me out before). There was another uphill just before that turn, and I actually gained a little on him here. Once again, he didn't get back up to speed right away (just like the others didn't) and I could, so went around him right before the turn. About 1.25-1.5 miles left to go.

I knew coming right up were the two longest downhills and a longer uphill and that all of them were more mellow than what we'd seen so far. I knew visibility extended out farther than what we've had for a little while. People tend to chase what they can see, but I'd also been noticeably better at striding out down the hills. If anyone followed I was also hoping to wear them out some as I really didn't want to sprint at the finish, especially not with the hamstring (which was actually doing fine, just a bit stiff). Was able to stretch out a bit of a lead on this, and just cruised on into the finish 20-30 sec ahead of a small crowd behind me.
What would you do differently?:

Not really anything. This was just a fun run to fit in a strong tempo. Able to put in an honest effort without killing myself. Would have liked this to be faster, but got in what I looking for. Happy with this as I could have easily been 30 sec/mile slower with the unpredictable hamstring, even though I know I can take off another minute off the finish time when fully healthy.
Post race
Warm down:

Walked around, grabbed some food & water. Light dynamic stretching to loosen things up.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Hamstring being sore & tight. Also just showed up and ran it, no letting up the days leading in.

Event comments:

Fun little race I'll keep in mind for the future.

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00:24:40 | 04.01 miles | 06m 09s  min/mile
Age Group: 1/16
Overall: 2/195
Course: Once around the lake. Not a lot of elevation change in total, but lots of short & steep little hills all over the place. Very little rhythm on this one.
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Subject: Wauconda Bunny Hop

2013-04-08 4:07 PM
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Subject: RE: Wauconda Bunny Hop
Wow, that's an incredible time... and some pretty cool bling
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Great job! Sharp little hills are rough.
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