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2013-04-30 8:59 PM
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Evergreen, Colorado
Subject: RE: Catholics - Why do you do that?
dontracy - 2013-04-30 4:24 PM

jldicarlo - what I "know" but can rarely explain well....

When I use to fly I knew what an Immelmann was, but could never pull one off... 


2013-04-30 9:40 PM
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Subject: RE: Catholics - Why do you do that?
dontracy - 2013-04-29 9:37 PM
GomesBolt -  
moondawg14 - Well, that's about it.  If you've got any specific questions, fire away!

Great stuff!

Great stuff for sure!

Can you talk some about the experience of native born Chinese Catholics?

Are they mostly cradle Catholics, or are they converts. If converts, are there problems within the family over their conversion?

At the risk of putting words in people's mouths, you can tell from some of the posts on this thread that Catholicism in the West is often viewed as repressive, and the Church as an authoritarian and corrupt throw back.  Is the Church viewed this way in China by Chinese Catholics?

What was the reaction to Pope Francis' election as a non European Pope?

What is the Marian tradition within Chinese Catholicism? Is there a particular Chinese devotion to Mary?

The CPA appointed bishop in communion with Rome is huge. Is there also an underground bishop? If so, is there a conflict regarding authority in the diocese?  Do diocese as we understand it here even exist in China?



I don't have much experience with a lot of the things that you asked about.   I will tell you that for the most part, Religion in most forms is not part of daily life for many Chinese.   As such, it's not  really a big deal, from a person-to-person perspective, what someone else's religion is.   People think it's odd that I would go to church every weekend, but they don't really judge me about it. 

One of our friends attends a house church here.  She is not Catholic.   Her family was curious and supportive of her decision to become a Christian.  She is visiting this weekend, and is going to bring one of her friends that is a Catholic.   I don't know if she is "converted" or was raised Catholic.   So, after talking to them this weekend maybe I'll be more informed.

There was basically no reaction from the "lao bai xing" (man on the street) about the election of the Pope.  This would be something that the state-run media would not report on, since there is a Catholic population here that could be seen as having some sort of allegiance to a power other than the state!   So, not very much coverage.  None of my co-irkers knew what was going on.   As a funny aside, that morning my driver was listening to the radio and said:  "Jiao Tong Xin Wen" which means: traffic news.   I heard "Jiao Tang Xin Wen" which would have meant: Church News.  So I started going on about the election... and he had NO IDEA  what I was talking about.  We eventually got it cleared up.

As far as the diocesan structure here:  It's not really something that is discussed at Mass or covered in the Parish newsletter like it would be in the states.  I'm sure that has something to do with this dichotomy of CPA vs "Roman" Catholic affiliations.   So my answer:  I'm sure there's a structure, but I have no idea what it is, and I probably couldn't even draw an "org chart" that would display my understanding of it.  But it would probably only have "dotted line reporting" to Rome. :^

That's really all I know.  Sit tight, and I'll try to ask some of your other questions to our visitors this weekend!

2013-05-01 4:53 PM
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Sunny Oregon
Subject: RE: Catholics - Why do you do that?
GomesBolt - 2013-04-30 5:11 PM

blbriley - 2013-04-30 7:00 PM
GomesBolt - 2013-04-30 4:42 PM

Day 1 was a Sunday, he made light and it was good.
Day 2 was a Monday, he separated water and the heavens.
Day 3 was a Tuesday, he made land and plants and it was good.
Day 4 was a Wednesday, he made the Sun and Moon and it was good.
Day 5 was a Thursday, he made Water animals and Birds (so he made some dinos on day 5) and it was good.
Day 6 was a Friday, he made land animals and land dinos and Man and it was good.
Day 7 he rested (sabbath falling on Saturday) "Very Good".
So even God doesn't like Mondays... he never said it was good...

I believe it was a pope who changed this.  Why?

No, Saturday's still the Sabbath (day of rest) but Sunday is a day of rejoicing and worship for Christians because that's the day Christ was raised from the Dead.

Wait. Huh? So after he dies, the people that followed his teachings just said "Hey, we're done with the whole Saturday/Sabbath thing, we'll worhip on Sunday now!" I'm confused...
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