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2013-05-21 1:51 PM

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Subject: Committed now and should be committed....
Signed up for the 2014 IMTX. First race of that distance. Will race in a HIM in Lubbock at the end of June. Everything should be just fine, but the nerves are already kicking in. Got some friends in when me so I am ready, or will be ready...or both, hell I don't know I just know I'm all in now.

Relatively weak swimmer in a non wetsuit triathlon in May in one of the most hot/humid areas of the country. What could possibly go wrong.

2013-05-21 5:14 PM
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Kailua, Hawaii
Subject: RE: Committed now and should be committed....
good on you for signing up.

just get a plan together, and stick with it.

You can do it!
2013-05-21 8:37 PM
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Subject: RE: Committed now and should be committed....
Yes, get the plan and follow it. I quell the nerves by remembering why I do this in the first place: its fun
2013-05-22 4:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Committed now and should be committed....
Haha. You'll be fine man. Good news is that the canal section is only 4 feet deep so you can stand up any time for the last third of the swim. Bad news is that it's going to be damn hot.

Get a good plan or a coach and just execute.
2013-05-23 9:19 AM
in reply to: dsand97

Seal Beach
Subject: RE: Committed now and should be committed....
I just finished the race, I'll be doing it again in 2014.

Here's my advice....

The swim is not bad as far as swims go. The water is warm, but not hot. This year it was wetsuit illegal, but people still wore wetsuits... they just started 10 minutes back. If your goal is just to finish, wear the wetsuit if you need it. I have never worn a wetsuit... ever... and I train in cold water, so this swim basically baked me. Buoys are very visible, and very easy to sight. 2 Red turn buoys at the end, a bunch of yellow ones on the way out to keep you straight. Make that turn, keep the orange ones off your left, until you round into the canal. From there, it's cake. Yes the canal gets choppy or so I heard, I was through that before there was really anyone there. The bottom is disgusting.. I would not put my feet down there. Exit the swim and run up to the change tent grab T1 bag on the way. Do your transition thing, whatever that it. Make sure the cute girls slather you with sunscreen before you leave.. my cute sunscreen "girls" were about 70 and from the elks club, but they were having a blast and it made my day. The first part of the bike was easy. Wind is generally at your back, crowd is great. You can keep low power, and high speed through there. As you leave montgomery county, you enter Grimes county... expect Chip Seal pavement. It sucks, you'll be on it for about 30 miles, the wind will be a crosswind, and then a headwind... you will be very happy when you're back on asphalt around mile 70. From there, it becomes small rollers, nothing to write home about, but enough to deflate you if you're already tired. Make sure to to keep your exertion low. Once you get on 1488, you're in the home stretch. The wind stops being noticeable due to the buildings, and as you make the turn into the housing division, you notice a slight downhill. This is when the ride becomes really fun. The crowds will make this part of the ride very memorable. Once you dismount the bike, DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIKE SHOES OFF UNTIL YOU ARE IN THE CHANGE TENT. Why? The ground is going to be over 100 degrees. I watched multiple people ruin their day by scalding their feet and ending up with blisters. I know this first hand, because I too have blisters from that. Had I not roasted my feet getting to my T2 bag, I probably would've gone 10 mins or so faster.
The run is very straight forward, 3 laps, transitions about every mile. Awesome crowds. It will be HOT.. I mean, HOT HOT HOT. Use the sponges, the ice, the water. Hydrate like you've never hydrated before. You should be peeing frequently. Finish the race with a smile, and get ready to walk another mile to go get your bike and Transition bags.
2013-05-24 2:28 PM
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Subject: RE: Committed now and should be committed....
I'll be seeing you at BSLT this year, and plan on doing IMFL 2014 as my first full (volunteering this year). Kudos for taking the plunge.

2013-05-25 1:26 AM
in reply to: dsand97

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Canyon, Texas
Subject: RE: Committed now and should be committed....
I'll see you in Lubbock! I decided to see how the half goes before I signed up for a full IM. Good luck!
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