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2013-05-24 10:29 PM

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Subject: shin splints
I have shin splints on lower outside of left leg. I did a 5 hour ride and it was ok till the last hour when it started to ache some but no sharp pain. I have had massage and it is tender. I have swam and it feels like a sore muscle.So is it ok to bike or run if the pain is only a ache like when you get a deep tissue massage? Also how long did you miss running and biking if you have had shin splints?

2013-05-24 10:53 PM
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Subject: RE: shin splints

my shin splints were always short lived, temporary injuries that have never put me down more than a week or 3.  For my personal shin splint problems, I've found that KT Tape (or Rock Tape) worked wonders.  Compression socks may also help.



2013-05-24 11:39 PM
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Canyon, Texas
Subject: RE: shin splints
I agree, K tape works wonders. The best thing I have found is a strong stretching regimen and ibuprofen when it gets sore. Simply sit on your heels, straightening your foot and toes... I try to hold it 60 seconds twice a day. It turns out to be a really nice quad stretch as well. I've had my share of shin splints but I've never lost training time because of them.
2013-05-25 6:51 AM
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North Augusta, South Carolina
Subject: RE: shin splints
Rolling the muscles on the outside of your shin bone on a foam roller (or with "The Stick") will help, too.
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