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2013-06-17 3:03 PM

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Subject: Chinook Sprint-Sikome
Anyone else do this yesterday? I know there was one other from this forum. What did you think? even though i have done that hill a hundred times over the past 3 years it still kicked my doing it four times in a row after the swim. Sikome is shallow. I don't deem to judge anyone but my husband told me I got passed by some people walking it. Do you think that would be considered "cheating" or is it like walking your bike you just do what you have to do. I also wondered if you were tall (which is everyone taller than me at 5 feet) that your hands would be touching the bottom alot of the time.

I did enjoy it though and the weather was perfect. With only 75 adults if was pretty relaxed. Thoughts?


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2013-06-18 11:29 AM
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Subject: RE: Chinook Sprint-Sikome
I had planned on it but old ankle injury popped up and this was a C race at best for me and not worth further injury. I had gone down and did that hill four times the previous week and yah, it was tough.

I am on the fence on the walking in the water. One, triathlon is swimming, biking and running, learn to swim. Other , I do not want to discourage anybody on their first OWS. Tough call.

Will definitely try for next year.
2013-06-18 5:51 PM
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Calgary, AB
Subject: RE: Chinook Sprint-Sikome

My wife was signed up, but couldn't race as she injured herself on Saturday (clipless pedals incident...)

I completed the Olympic on Saturday.  Lots of fun!  Well... the first 2:30 was fun.  Too bad I wasn't even close to done.  Laughing

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