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2013-06-24 12:32 AM

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Hi all - I am doing IM Zurich on the 28th July. This will be my fist full IM.

I have full wetsuit for the event as I understand that the lake is pretty cold. I do not wear a full tri suit when I race and I have tri shorts and a tri top. I have seen that people wear the tri top underneath the wet suit. This seems like a good idea as at my last event - Abu Dhabi tri, I was faffing for ages trying to put my top on - in the end someone helped me pull it down!

My concern is though that it will be wet when I get out of the water and that Zurich is gonna be pretty chilly anyways. I live in the Middle East and am used to warm conditions. Any thoughts? Do you think I am better avoiding a cold wet top on the bike or will fry out soon enough?

Also for those who are training for this event and have been using a turbo indoors - the below link is the whole 1st loop of IM Zurich!

Makes those hours on the indoor trainer go by a little faster!


2013-06-24 4:38 AM
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Newcastle, England

Zurich is a great race .. I'm also doing it this year. and did it back in 2009.


Last time i didnt find the lake too cold - but i suppose that is relative ... as i live in the UK

I now wear a one piece so i have this on under my wetty ... but in 2009 I wore top and shorts and still wore them under my wetty ... they dont take long to dry.

I take a set of arm warmers and have them pre-rolled to pull on in T1 is the weather's a bit iffy just for some added warmth early on the bike

2013-06-28 12:04 PM
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Austin, Texas
I did it in 2011 and I'd recommend keeping your shirt on underneath the wetsuit. It really wasn't that cold either in the water or the air. Good luck!
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