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2013-06-25 3:16 PM

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Subject: Tragic Sports Writer Becomes Multi-Sport Athlete 30 years old I started writing professionally about the sport of boxing. I was a publicist for a talented heavyweight fighter who was about to break into the mainstream. We got him a main event fight on Showtime. It was his moment to make an impact on the sport, it was to be his introduction to the world and I was the person who would craft that story. Guess what happened? He got destroyed inside of three rounds. End of boxing career.

Moving on... I wrote a book fictionalizing my experiences with that fighter in the novel Virgin Gloves. I continued writing books for the next five years, publishing 7 in total. I attended book signings in different states, appeared in newspapers, magazines, on TV and radio shows. Things seemed to be progressing until the 2008 recession sent the publishing world, as well as hundreds of bookstores, into oblivion. Book sales stopped cold. End of Novelist career.

Moving on... After watching Mountain Bikers compete at the Beijing Olympics I was inspired to start riding myself. My brother and I bought bikes and took on the Root 66 XC Race Series in New England. I won a bronze medal at two races and took 3rd overall for the series. My interest expanded into Downhill races where I won a Gold at the Pat's Peak Downhill Thrill. However, finding a stable work or living arrangement in Massachusetts proved problematic so it was time to move back to Florida.

Moving down south... While I wanted to continue with my MTBing, there seemed little opportunity compared to what I next stumbled into - BMX Racing. I traded my Downhill bike for a 20 inch and hit the track with a vengeance. In my first season I won my class at the Florida State Championships. In addition I started a website devoted to Florida BMX Racing news. It was full of photos, videos, race reports and interviews. In only 2 years it became the premier BMX site in the state gathering 10,000 hits per week. However, at the begining of 2013 the site ran out of funding. End of BMX career.

Moving on... Currently running in the Zoomer's 5k Race Series and spending time with the SCORR MTB group. I'm also still writing about local events but this is just a lull. I have a penchant for getting myself into the middle of big things. I think Triathlons will be my next arena, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

2013-06-26 8:54 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Tragic Sports Writer Becomes Multi-Sport Athlete

Welcome to BT.  You certainly have an interesting background.

I see you're in Englewood.  The Englewood YMCA Sprint Tri is coming up on 7/13.  It's a fun little race.  I'll be there (for the 6th time) and there's usually a handful of other local BTers around.  You ought to come and hang out and see what it's all about.


2013-06-26 1:44 PM
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Subject: RE: Tragic Sports Writer Becomes Multi-Sport Athlete
As long as Rev3 and WTC don't now end up bankrupt as a result, welcome to triathlon!
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