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2013-06-26 3:08 AM

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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: How good is this starter package?
A local tri store has a complete starter package put together. All of this is stuff that I need to get started as a tri newbie, and the price doesn't look bad at first glance. I'm only concerned with getting stuff that I would need to replace sooner rather than later because the quality may not be as good as some other brands.

Here is what the package comes with & a pic. I am not mentioning the store name because I don't want to step on the toes of any site sponsors. Tell me what you think.

The total package is $1,999.95

- Quintana Roo Caliente, Featuring QR's Fit Series geometry
- Blueseventy Fusion Wetsuit
- Louis Garneau Pro Top and Shorts, Men's and Women's sizing available
- Louis Garneau Mundial Helmet
- Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed Shoes, Men's and Women's models
- Louis Garneau TR30 Tri Bag
- LOOK Keo Easy pedals
- Store brand Water Bottle, Cage and Race Belt
- a Bonus $20 store Gift Card (not useable for the purchase of this package) for you to use for anything on-line or in the Retail Store!


complete-tri-package.jpg (175KB - 9 downloads)

2013-06-26 5:53 AM
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Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
What year is the bike? I don't see it as an available model on tgeir website anymore. That may be why the price is appealing. The other gear isn't bad! Nytro multisport has packages too.
2013-06-26 6:12 AM
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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
The bike is a discontinued QR bike that they were able to secure a number of them to build this package. Pretty sure it is only a 2011 or 2012 model, but I could be wrong.
2013-06-26 6:15 AM
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Knoxville area
Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
It all depends on whether the QR is a good fit for you or not. If it is and you need a "full package" then its a pretty good deal.

If you don't need the extra stuff, then it's just ok.

If the QR is a bad fit, then it's a terrible deal.
2013-06-26 8:40 AM
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Grand Prairie
Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
I have ordered from this store before and their customer service is great!
Go to the store and see if the bike fits you.

Though a bit food for thought:
A tri-bike is more difficult to handle than a road bike, if you are not a somewhat strong cyclist, you may want to start with a road or hybrid bike.
Since it is a local Tri store, you live in the south. While GA is not as hot as TX, I barely need my wetsuit and as a newbiew you may we going a year or two before needing a wetsuit.
I saw this package with a Cannondale slice, that bike might have a very different fit if the QR ain't working out

$2k is still a chunk of money. If you are somewhat short on cash you can get started in tri's with a lot less invested (though I went out and bought a $2k bike from the get-go as well)
2013-06-26 9:51 AM
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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
Yep, the store is a pretty popular Atlanta one. I have been there & looked at the items in the package. I did not get on the bike to try it out, but I looked it over from top to bottom. And the customer service there is top notch, so if I buy local, it will most likely be from them.

I am riding a 13 year old Cannondale mountain bike that I had tuned up & put road tires on. I will likely use that for my first couple sprints (I have yet to do a tri race) before moving to a tri bike. I likely won't go the road bike route because if I buy a new bike, I am going to buy what I will ultimately need.

As for the rest of the package, I don't have any of that stuff, so it woudl all be needed. As for the wetsuit, I am more of a cold weather person, so I would likely be doing more races in the fall/winter/spring rather than the summer. I hate running this time of year.

2013-06-26 2:56 PM
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Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?

Firstly- you need to decide on your bike via a fitting.  not all bikes fit all people.

Secondly- it's a fair price, but not stellar.  If you shopped around and bought even some of the stuff on sale, you could probably do as well.  And shopping around for just the right stuff is kinda' part of the fun (for me)

thirdly- do you really want/need all of that stuff?  If you don't own a road bike and plan on doing a lot of group riding, that might be a better choice.

Triathlons are equipment intensive.  But- you don't need everything to just get into the sport.  

2013-06-26 3:37 PM
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Grand Prairie
Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
On a flipside from soneome who is in this sport now just a bit over a year:
I did not go with that package 1.5 years ago.
I bought a road versus a tri bike due to multitude of recommendations.
Now 1.5 years later I have added a tri to my road bike, I have bought tri-shoes as road shoes cost to much time in transition. I got a wet suit, to be able to swim early in the season, I own several tri-kits.

Looking back I think that set would have been a better option to get into the sport.
Because while shopping around is fun, doing so when you don't have knowledge/experience is time consuming and can be frustrating.
Trying to get by on the cheap then often results becoming more expense as you buy cheap first and then expensive (rather than expensive in the first place).

2013-07-04 1:12 PM
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Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
I am a newbie too and am debating between the all3sport one and this Nytro package I found.

For $2,199.98
2013 Cannondale Slice 5 105 Triathlon / Time Trial Bike
Blue Seventy Fusion Fullsuit Wetsuit - Men's or Women's
Men's 2XU Hi Fil Tri Singlet or Women's Zoot Active Mesh Tri Tank
Men's 2XU Active Tri Short 8" or Women's Zoot Active Tri Short 8"
Shimano TR31 Tri Shoes
Shimano R540 Pedal/Cleats
Bell Lumen Helmet
Nytro Transition Bag
Nytro Water Bottle
Nytro Water Bottle Cage
Nytro Hybrid Race Belt
Nytro Bike Fit - Shop customers only

Any thoughts on this one?

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2013-07-04 6:18 PM
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Fernandina Beach, FL
Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
I think if the bike fits it's an OK deal. I'm happy I went the route I went. I bought the bike, helmet, cleats, and shoes at once (spent more than the package, but you could go cheaper if you wanted). I live in the SE also and didn't need a wetsuit the first year. Still don't have a transition bag (waiting to pick that up at IMFL ) I'm sure you already have a water bottle. The race belt is $5.

This sport is addictive. If you get into it you're going to probably want to upgrade that bike pretty quick. You're going to buy more tri kits. You can find good deals on used items here and on ST. Even with the deals the $$$ adds up quick, trust me!

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2013-07-05 10:26 AM
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Nashville, TN
Subject: RE: How good is this starter package?
I agree if the bike fits great deaL!!!

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