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Subject: Overweight, Unhealthy and New to Tri! Help!
Hello all! My story: I had an extremely stressful year that included losing someone close to me and I gained 60lbs during that time. I am 27, female and only 5'4", so that's a ton of extra weight. I was competitive in sports my entire life, played lacrosse in college and used to be in peak physical condition. Clearly, now I am not.

I also was recently diagnosed with lupus, something they think I've struggled with for several years. I tried crossfit in the winter and I kept having injuries (which led to the discovery of lupus) and despite my love for it, at this point I don't feel that I am able to do enough of the movements without getting injured again.

All negative factors aside, I have been craving competition in my life. I used to run competitively back in high school and I recently started to take my bike out and got addicted to riding. I've always been a strong swimmer but never swam for anything besides my own fitness. I knew the second day of riding my bike 10 miles + that competing in a tri was what I needed to feel good about myself and my body again.

I started the Couch-to-Sprint training program a few days ago and plan to do a tri sprint at the end of September. I would absolutely love to speak to anyone here who also did that program!

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Subject: RE: Overweight, Unhealthy and New to Tri! Help!

Welcome to BT!

Best advice I can offer is to be consistent following the training plan, and to resist the temptation to overdo things until your body gets used to training again on a regular basis.

The other thing I can speak to from experience is that weight loss will come more from managing your diet than from exercise.  You can consume calories a lot faster than you can work them off.  Like many others, when I first started doing triathlons I found myself eating to fuel my workouts and actually gained weight at first.

Good luck with your training.



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Subject: RE: Overweight, Unhealthy and New to Tri! Help!

Welcome to triathlons! There is so much to learn, and this is a wonderful community to learn from. Congratulations on making the commitment. From my experience, you get out of triathlon what you put into it. Follow the plan as much as you can, ask a lot of questions, use the forums, and try to view other people's logs whenever you can. It's really nice to see that other, far more experienced people have the same trials & tribulations us newbies do. 

Keep us posted on your progress! 

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