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2013-07-03 11:45 AM


Subject: Sore Hamstring
My hamstring is quite tender - quick question - would a deep tissue massage help or hinder. Thanks

2013-07-03 11:52 AM
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Livonia, MI
Subject: RE: Sore Hamstring

It can help IF, and only IF you have a really good therapist who knows the body and understands how to handle injuries.  My masseuse has a ton of experience with endurance athletes and injuries.  Every time I have a sore spot, she can feel the connective tissue and determine whether or not there's an adhesion (injury) at the site or not.  Often it's just swelling and massaging the area does help.

Conversely, I've had therapists in the past who seem to not know what they're doing.  I imagine something like that could potentially make an injury worse.

Make an appointment only after asking the masseuse very specifically whether or not he/she has experience treating injured athletes.  Even if there is an adhesion there, massaging the surrounding areas will help promote healing and decrease swelling.

2013-07-03 12:08 PM
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Houston, Texas
Subject: RE: Sore Hamstring

Agree with what noelle said -- if you know the massage therapist is very good and understands how to handle hamstring injuries, it could be helpful.

On the other hand, if you know of someone around (possibly a chiropractor or physical therapist) who does ART, I'd highly suggest looking into that.  ART has helped a lot with muscular / tendon type injuries for me.

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