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2013-07-19 9:55 PM

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Subject: Tucson Ride
I live in Sierra Vista and need to drop my bike off at Tri Sports next weekend for Tri Bike Transport to IM KY. I was hoping to get in one more long ride before I send the bike, but that won't work if I ride locally. I was wondering if I could drive to Tucson, ride, and then leave the bike. Looking for somewhere safe, and not too hard to ride. I should be going about 110 miles and don't need to be really near the drop off point. Suggestions?

2013-07-24 5:26 PM
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Subject: RE: Tucson Ride

I haven't ridden THAT far, but i know you can combine a bunch of stuff I have ridden to make up a loop that long.

This map should be helpful:

You can head out Oracle Rd (north of Ina - has less traffic/better bike lanes) all the way to the town of Oracle.

Also, if you go to you can search routes in that mileage range. If you want input on whether or not they are good/safe, I'd be happy to help.

Here's the El Tour map, too:
2013-07-25 8:34 AM
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Phoenix AZ
Subject: RE: Tucson Ride
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