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2013-07-24 1:10 PM

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Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Anyone done this?


I'm thinking about it for next year.  I think after this season is done with tri's I'm going to focus on cycling for a while.  I just enjoy it more.  Still will probably do a sprint or two next year.

It seems like it could be an enjoyable ride, a decent first tour to.  Winds up being about 500 miles over 7 days. 

Anyone have a good recommendation for another tour?  I would like something that is a bit more competitive, but not necessarily a race (does this even exist?  That's probably a better question). 

2013-08-13 3:15 PM
in reply to: Justin86

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The Sagbraw comes through my town. It just came through last week. I think it looked good. I would be a little worried about weather in late June. Much safer in Early August as long as its not too hot.

The most ive done is the SS150 which was 75 miles over 2 days. It was really fun. I thought it might hurt at the end but we had great time. Unfortunately none of my family really bikes so if i took off a week of vacation just for me that would be a little weird with only 2 weeks a year available.

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