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2013-07-30 11:01 AM


Subject: Looking to try an XTERRA?
I'm signed up to race XTERRA Buffalo Creek a while back and it is now sold out. Last week I was hit by a car and fractured my clavicle so I won't be racing. They have a great transfer policy where I can sell my entry to someone else. PM me know if you'd like to race. I paid $80 but would be willing to sell for $60.

2013-08-06 11:03 PM
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Subject: RE: Looking to try an XTERRA?
Hello. Interested in your transfer entry offer if you still have available. I was planning on racing this one but looks like I waited too long. Let me know how best to work out the transfer and get in touch with you if still looking for a taker. Thanks much.
2013-08-07 9:39 AM
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Subject: RE: Looking to try an XTERRA?
If he does not still have his my broken handed husband is looking to transfer his entry as well.

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