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2013-07-30 6:43 PM


Subject: Hydration belts opinions
Wanted to see what your thoughts were on hydration belts? Love em, hate em? Looking to use on longer (8-26 mile) runs. I have a couple of camel backs, but I'm not wild about how they shake and chafe on the shoulders.

Recommendations are very welcome.

2013-08-04 2:50 PM
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Subject: RE: Hydration belts opinions
I use a fuel belt hydration belt and I like it. I only use it on longer runs on warmer days, but no chafing, no bouncing. I wouldn't say I love it and use it all the time, but I don't hate it either. It's a solid piece of gear that serves a purpose. Also mine has a little compartment for gels or whatever. I do like it better than a camelback. I definitely do not enjoy the bouncing and chafing of those!
2013-08-05 8:35 AM
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Subject: RE: Hydration belts opinions

I use a single bottle hydration belt, the bottle is on the rear and angled slightly, Salomon make some nice fitting ones.

I typically don't even notice it.  I find the one I have very comfortable.

I also have a camelbak Ultra LR vest, the reservoir is carried around the waist but it has other storage for wet weather kit, fuel etc.  I found after the first few runs this needs to be adjust just right to keep it stable on your shoulders and not moving around, now I have it dialed in it's so comfortable!

Oh and I have the Camelbak MULE as well, I've never had any issues with fit with that one. 

2013-08-05 9:04 AM
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Subject: RE: Hydration belts opinions
I have a 6 bottle Fuel Belt and a one larger bottle Camelbak that has a bike type bottle that sits at an angle on your lower back.

Fuel Belt - I started with this and the first one I had worked fairly well. I bought the larger (10 oz) bottles to give myself more water. With 6 bottles I did find bouncing to be annoying especially in the back. My solution was to use the small bottles in the back two slots and start with taking my first couple of sips from each of the back bottles. I lost weight and my original Fuel Belt didn't fit anymore so I bought a new one. This one the elastic for holding the bottles seems to be too big and bottles tend to fall out. It is very annoying and I should contact the manufacturer, but I haven't yet. If going the Fuel Belt route I would highly recommend checking the fit of the bottles in the belt before purchasing if possible.

Camelbak - This is not your typical camelbak with a pouch, it is a bike style water bottle that sits diagonally on your lower back. The "pack" also has a small pouch that will hold a couple of gu's, a house key, etc. The belt portion tightens from both side and has kind a two strap "v" pattern that really locks the belt in place. It doesn't not hold as much total volume as my Fuel Belt, but I really like the fit and snugness better.

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2013-08-06 10:21 AM
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Subject: RE: Hydration belts opinions

I chose the amphipod system.  I mostly like it.  The benefits of the amphipod are that it's totally modular.  you can get bottles in different sizes, pouches in different sizes- and put together a belt for your particular needs.  the bottle holders come off if you want.  Also- you can slide the bottles and pouches around the strap so they sit on your hips where they jangle less than other spots.  you can put on a single 8oz bottle, or 6 10.5 oz bottles if you want- for those really long runs.


On the downside of the amphipod is that it's a little trickier to clip the bottles in, and the caps on the bottles are sorta stiff to open.  


2013-08-06 2:27 PM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Hydration belts opinions

I've got a four-bottle belt, but seldom wear it.  Just can never seem to get comfortable with the thing bouncing around, particular as you empty bottles and it gets imbalanced.  When I was training from my HM last winter I either planned my long runs to pass by public drinking fountains, or carried a few bucks to dash into a convenience store to buy a bottle of water or Gatorade.

I've also got a hand-carry bottle with a strap, but prefer to just carry a disposable bottle that I can toss in a trash can or dumpster when it's empty rather than hauling an empty bottle back home.



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