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2013-08-09 12:10 PM

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Subject: Hudson Valley OWS??
I'm looking for a lake for an ows in the Hudson Valley. I'm training with a buddy and our coach has us doing a faux tri next weekend. We are already members of the Minnewaska distance swimming group, but we need a lake that would work for a tri, so we are looking for somewhere to set up a transition area and then be able to bike in and out and that isn't really a choice at Minnewaska.

So really the question is, where do you do your open water swims? We're in the New Paltz area, but are willing to travel for a nice lake and great roads!

Thanks so much!!!

2013-08-13 8:30 PM
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Orange County
Subject: RE: Hudson Valley OWS??
I've never swam OWS in these water bodies but I've been told that you can, they are; Walton Lake in Monroe and Whites Pond in Wappingers Falls. I've been meaning to take a trip to Monroe and swim but I am hesitant to do it alone and I don't have a training partner at the moment. From what I understand at Walton Lake you can park at the American Legion and directly across the street there is an entrance to the water and there are no motorized boats allowed.

Good Luck,
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date : June 14, 2012
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MAPS is Meditation, Acclimatization, Practice, and Strategy, which are key for giving you the confidence and skills to execute the open-water swim in a triathlon well.
date : April 11, 2007
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Have a goal when you get into the water. If your purpose is distance, then set your pace for endurance. If your objective is speed, then incorporate drills.
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Stroke after stroke, my pace was pulling me out into the middle of the lake quickly. The cover seemed to be getting thicker. But still in the distance, the little boathouse was my lighthouse.
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Some are getting a little OWS practice in, others are strategizing, the rest are just plain scared.