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2013-08-09 11:12 PM

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Subject: DANGEROUS... new pea gravel on IMWI bike course...
They have done it again... laid pea gravel just weeks before the IMWI race, but this time in a VERY DANGEROUS location.
There is pea gravel at the bottom of the fastest hill on the course!
At the very bottom of the hill on Timber Lane before the 90 degree left hand turn. It was dodgy before... it is now mindbogglingly dangerous! (Is that a word?!)
Take this corner VERY slowly!


2013-08-20 10:58 AM
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Subject: RE: DANGEROUS... new pea gravel on IMWI bike course...
I've ridden that course for years and it just seems to get worse and worse. They need to look at changing things up. You shouldn't have to break because of road conditions.
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