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Subject: massage baton rouge
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Short Story Contest - 3 Months Free Massage Therapy

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2009-09-29 11:38 AM
date : August 24, 2009
author : AMSSM
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I've rested them for 6 weeks, twice. I've had Active Release Therapy, massages, I'm doing Trigger Point, and stretching. Yet, I'm still having issues and can't get above 3 miles.
date : October 7, 2008
author : Coach AJ
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I'm going to let you in on how to get faster by doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, but you won't have to raise your heart rate, put out 300 watts, or really even break a sweat.
date : December 11, 2007
author : AMSSM
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I have had chronic Achilles tendonitis problems for a good portion of my life. I am wondering if this can ever go away, or if there is a surgery that can be done?
date : July 30, 2006
author : jsanko
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Getting the biggest bang for your buck; some low cost means of improving your performance and preventing injury.
date : July 3, 2006
author : AMSSM
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They are comfortable, but on longer runs the ball of my foot starts to heat up. I actually had to STOP, take off the shoe, massage my foot. This would help for a while, but the pain usually returned.
date : April 10, 2005
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When you're in the middle of your training plan for a major event (Ironman Lake Placid), how do you handle injuries when they come up?