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2013-08-20 4:52 PM


Subject: Waterless Swim Training ???
Anyone have suggestions for swim training w/o water? I live way out in the country and don't have local access to a pool. New to training. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


2013-08-20 5:14 PM
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Subject: RE: Waterless Swim Training ???
Wow. This should be interesting.
2013-08-20 5:43 PM
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Subject: RE: Waterless Swim Training ???
Look up Stretch Cords swim exercises on You Tube! The cords are very inexpensive and very effective! In the summertime, I can only swim during the weekend. I use the Stretch Cords during the week to work my "swim" muscles.

I use the two cords with the least resistance. Less strain and more reps are preferred.
2013-08-20 6:29 PM
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Denver, CO
Subject: RE: Waterless Swim Training ???
There are some exercises you can do with TRX bands that mimic swimming. Take a look on You tube.
2013-08-20 6:48 PM
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University Park, MD
Subject: RE: Waterless Swim Training ???
I'm really the last person who should be dishing out swim advice. ... But having said that, I've found it very useful to use Strech Cordz. It's possible to get a fairly good workout in with the cords in a small fraction of the time that it takes to get to the pool etc. If I'm in a swim training phase, then I can do work with cords every day, perhaps for a few minutes before a bike trainer workout. It's no substitute for pool work, but I've found that it can make my pool training more effective, as I come into it far better prepared. I also learned a better pull (early vertical forearm) using the cords, because I was able to pay attention to the appropriate engagement of the lat muscles when not distracted by breathing etc.
2013-08-20 8:22 PM
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Tyler, TX
Subject: RE: Waterless Swim Training ???
A couple of options, fairly expensive and not necessarily recommended for beginner swimmers, but options none-the-less:


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