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2013-08-23 8:27 PM

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Subject: HELP! Hollywood Sign Costume
I need help! We've been invited to a costume party ... our invite came this morning (Friday) and the party is tomorrow (Saturday). The theme is HOLLYWOOD - open to any and all interpretation. It will be myself, my hubby, and my brother-in-law going for definite, possibly my two teenage step-sons as well.

Winner of the best costume gets a trip for 2 to Vegas!

We've decided to go as the Hollywood sign - everyone wear black, I'll cut the letters out from Styrofoam and lightly glitter them ... this way if the boys are able to join us at the last minute we will still have a complete costume.

My question is: How do I make this over the top? Winnable in a contest? Is it even possible, or should I just resign myself to the fact that getting slightly tipsy on Chardonnay and laughing at other people's costumes will be the highlight of my evening?

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