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Subject: Scleral Contact Lenses
Just got these, and pretty hopeful. A few years ago I posted about trying to find a good contact lens. As a result of having eye surgery 20 years ago my corneas are very flat, fitting a typical soft or hard lens was not only difficult, but also painful.

4 years forward, new optometrist and a new type of lens called a scleral contact. The lens basically fits completely over your cornea on the white part of your eye. The fluid between the lens and your cornea fills in the imperfections in your eye, given you improved vision. So far, so good. I like having my peripheral vision back. Good enough to read my Garmin but I still need readers for the computer, etc.

Because you need a suction device to get them off your eyeball, I think they'd be pretty safe for swimming under goggles. Back in the day when I could wear soft contacts, I had little problems.

Anyone have experience with these?
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