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Subject: RE: Ways to distinguish myself for spectators during triathlon
Originally posted by wbattaile

Originally posted by Goosedog

Originally posted by AtlantaBill

Yes, I know, before I get flamed, it *might* be against the rules *technically*, but if you're not using it in any way as 'support' then I say no harm, no foul. If you're a podium contender it might be different.

The endurance community continues to amaze with its desperate attempts to justify breaking rules.

Carrying a cell phone in a saddle bag may actually not be against the rules. I have actually been at race briefings where they specifically told participants this was ok as long as they didn't take the phone out during the race.

Also, the USAT rules language that would apply to this scenario speaks more to personal audio devices and headphones. I know the water gets murky because most peoples' phones play MP3 files...

Here is a thread that the poster I responded to started. It references DCRainmaker's blog and comments by Charlie Crawford regarding live tracking that is being discussed - even if the phone remains in the saddle bag. It is against the rules. He does also address the emergency phone exception you raise. So, my comment was directed specifically to the poster who suggested using the phone as a tracking device knowing full well that it was against the rules.

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